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Phoenix A – The Universe of The Universe

Phoenix A The Universe 

The Phoenix A* black hole is a supermassive black hole located at the center of the Phoenix A galaxy. Phoenix Galaxy A is the central galaxy of the Phoenix Cluster, a galaxy cluster located in the Phoenix group.

Experts trust that the Phoenix A black hole is the central black hole known to humanity. Scientists also believe it may have been one of the first black holes in the universe to form shortly after the Big Bang. Here, we collect information about the Phoenix, A black hole, where it remains, and its size and mass.

What Is Phoenix, A Black Hole?


Phoenix A The Universe, It is the most significant black hole ever discovered, weighing 100 billion solar masses. It is located in the center of the [Phoenix] Cluster. The Phoenix Cluster is a galaxy cluster with more than 1,000 galaxies in the [Phoenix] constellation. Scientists acknowledge that the Phoenix A black hole is the most enormous known black hole with a Schwarzschild diameter of 3,900 astronomical units. A cosmic unit is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Phoenix A is believed to be a non-rotating Black Hole.

Like other black holes, the [Phoenix A] black hole eats stars and has star formation in the [Phoenix A] galaxy. The [Phoenix A] galaxy has an unusually high star formation rate, more significant than the Strip. Our galaxy is about 700 times larger. The average number of stars formed yearly in the Milky Way is one, while the number is 740 per year in the [Phoenix A] galaxy.

How big is the Phoenix A* Black Hole?


[Phoenix A] black hole is so massive that the assessed diameter of its event horizon is 590 billion kilometers (366 billion miles). It is equivalent to about 100 times the distance between our Sun and the farthest planet, Pluto. If somebody traveled the whole circumference of the [Phoenix A] black hole at the rapidity of light, it would consume about 71 days and 14 hours.

Is Phoenix a black hole weighing more than 618 tons?

The Ton 618 black hole is more than 60 billion times bigger than the Sun. [Phoenix A], a black hole, has a mass 100 billion times that of the Sun. Thus, the [Phoenix A] black hole is about 40 times larger than the Ton-618 black hole.

When was Phoenix A Black Hole Discovered?


The [Phoenix] cluster (at its center is the black hole Phoenix A) was first discovered in 2010 in collaboration with the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica.

It was discovered in a study conducted in the southern sky at 2,500 square degrees, consuming the Sunyaev-Zeldovich result. On November 18, 2019, NASA published a paper outlining details about the location and mass of the [Phoenix A] black hole.

Why is Phoenix such a Black Hole?

At the center of the [Phoenix] Cluster, a cluster of galaxies lies the star [Phoenix].

Scientists believe that [Phoenix A] black pool is humanity’s most prominent black pool. Scientists also believe it could have been one of the first black holes in the cylindrical universe to succeed shortly after the Big Bang. Here, we collect information about the [Phoenix A] fault, its location, size, and mass.

To what extent does Black Phoenix A* have it?

The most significant error of the estimated diameter of the event horizon is 590 billion km (366 billion dams). It is compatible with a distance of 100 times between our Sun and the farthest planet, Pluto. If someone traveled the entire circumference of [Phoenix] A’s black pool at light speed, it would take about 71 days and 14 hours.


Scientists believe that the [Phoenix A] black hole might be one of the oldest black holes in our universe. It remained designed from the collision of other supermassive black holes thought to have come into being shortly after the Big Bang. While the Big Bang instant remains believed to have occurred about 13.8 billion years ago. Therefore, the age of the [Phoenix], A black hole, would be a little less than 13.8 billion years.

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