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Best Ways Parents Can Support Children’s Learning At Home

As a parent, you will want the best for your child and that means finding a balance between teaching them, keeping them safe, and ensuring they have fun. It can be stiff to get it right but there are several things you can do to make sure your child’s learning is fully supported.

Know Their Level

It’s essential to acknowledge that all children learn at a different pace. That means your child is unique and you shouldn’t be forcing them to learn something just because the guides tell you your child should know it at a certain age.

Instead, talk to the reputable learning center you’re using, such as this child care Liverpool. You can find out what your child is currently learning and work on reinforcing this learning.

The facility will be happy to keep you up to date and even provide guidance on which areas your child is struggling with.

Create A Schedule

The best way to support learning is to create a space and a time slot where your child will do any homework. This is also the time where you can sit with them and guide them through any issues they are having with schoolwork.

Alongside this, you can take the opportunity to introduce new concepts that support and even advance the things they are currently learning.

Read With Them

Reading with children from a young age heartens them to develop an interest in books and to read themselves. This is good for specific subjects and to broaden their knowledge. *

When they are very young you can recite to them, as they age let them read to you and ultimately they will enjoy reading to themselves. This is helped by seeing you reading.


It is vital to make balance in your child’s life. That means giving them time to read, learn, and time to relax and play. Part of this means considering how much time they spend in front of a screen. Experts recommend a couple of hours per day is enough.

Set your own level and make sure your child knows them and adheres to them.

Learn Through Play

With a little thought and perhaps a little help from the child care facility, you’ll find there are plenty of things you can play with your child to improve their learning. Playing with them doesn’t just improve learning, it also gives you quality time with them and improves the parent-child bond.

Make Decisions

Parents can often sense like they have no say in the education of their children. However, if you attend parent-teacher events and participate in the activities of your child care center, you’ll find you have the opportunity to influence policy and improve the learning environment for your child.  That’s definitely something worth trying.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, children mature at different rates. Don’t force your child to learn. Instead, create an environment that encourages them to learn and improve. You will notice the difference and you’ll be giving them a skill that will help them throughout life.

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