Pest is a vast category and is particularly relative. Most pests are an indication of unhygienic conditions or damp and moist crevices. The presence of pests can be an indication of unclean hidden corners. However, lizards are rarely seen in corners of the house. They are generally seen on ceilings or places which may have a high concentration of pests. They are found behind wall clocks, near tube lights, outdoors near lamps, and so on. Although there are only a couple of known poisonous species of lizards, the droppings of common house lizards contain salmonella bacteria that can be extremely harmful to humans. If you are looking for ways to get rid of lizards, here are a few tips you can use.

Tips you can use to get rid of lizards

  1. Air your damp areas regularly – Trying to remove moisture from closed places as lizards thrive in such an environment. It helps if you open your cabinets and boxed spaces more often, you also reduce the chance of mold, fungus, musty smell, and wood rot. Apart from being the perfect liner, newspapers can also absorb a bit of moisture.
  2. Use silicon or naphthalene balls – Most people remember to place naphthalene balls in their closets to ensure their clothes are free from any bugs. If you keep your closet or spaces tightly shut, you can ensure that the vapors from naphthalene balls stay inside and act on the insects and bugs. A lot of people often forget about the use of silicon balls or beads which are used to absorb moisture from the air. These are especially important in places where the humidity is high. Lizards can seek cover in such places and multiply increasingly.
  3. Use eggshells – You may have heard that eggshells help lizards at bay. The actual reason behind this is that lizards cannot stand the smell of eggs. The eggy smell keeps them away so you can place eggshells on a windowsill and try it out!
  4. Lizard repellent – Yes, you heard that right! You can use a lizard repellent to keep the lizards away from your home. The mix of smells in the repellent will not kill the lizard even if you spray directly at it or cause it to slip to the floor. It drives the lizard away in the opposite direction and you can drive it out of your home. This is one of the most effective ways to keep lizards out of your house.
  5. Sticky pads – In spite of the fact that lizards generally stay on ceilings and walls, it is important to curb the population in your house before it becomes too difficult. You may have heard about sticky pads being used for rats, but did you know you can use these for lizards too? When the lizards have multiplied beyond control and you have a full-blown infestation on your hands, sticky pads come to your rescue. Remember to get the full-sized sticky pads and place 2 together because sometimes 1 may not be enough.
  6. Cover food in your home – The need to cover food or not leave any food out overnight is a good way to control the entry of lizards into your home. The food can attract bugs which in turn can attract lizards. At the same time, a lizard can fall into or climb into the food and compromise the sanity of the food.
  7. Pepper solution – Pepper makes the body of a lizard burn and keeps it away from your house. You can have a homemade pepper solution handy and spray it across lizard prone areas, this will avoid them from entering the house. A simple mix of water and finely ground pepper powder is enough to make a pepper spray at home.
  8. Lizard repellent machines – Just like mosquito repellent machines, there are lizard repellent machines that are available in the market which emit a certain frequency and can be plugged into places that have the highest density of lizards. The lizards are sensitive to this sound and do not come near these spaces. These machines can cause headaches to humans if used for a long time.

Contrary to popular opinion, lizards are not entirely harmless. If they may carry diseases in their droppings that can’t be traced throughout the house and are harmful.

Depending on your approach to the situation and gravity of your problem, you can use a lizard killer, or you can use a repellent.

Using a repellent is the best preventive way to ensure the lizards don’t enter the house at all. You can spray it outside the window, exhaust fans, and in balconies to ban their entry.

Your solution can depend on your environment, the number of lizards, the type of lizards found in that area, and so on. Prevention is better than cure and once lizards enter your home and multiply, it can be difficult to trace them and make them go away. Use these tips to make your home creepy-crawly free and safer for your family!