Something which instills a sudden fear, something which makes a shiver run down the spine, that’s how chilling Phobias are. For many, it might be just a faux pas, but for those who go through the emotional phase, it might be the next level of triggering point. The reason it is said never to make fun of someone’s fear or anxiety remain that one might not know to what extent the person remain affected.

Phobias affect everyone, especially little children. The phobia instilled in the mind of young people leaves a lasting mark hence it is wise for the parents and elders to behave well when around children. They tend to pick up habits as well as fears and phobias. Grown-up people tend to catch phobias in the grown-up step as well but the ratio is comparatively quite less.

What are the causes of the Specific Phobias?

No one knows the exact causes of the Phobias. It might be a childhood fear, it might be a picked up trait, it might be some traumatic experiences to some fear of anything particular objects or situations. Few people have a phobia of animals, to situations, natural calamities, dark places, heights, etc.

For some, the phobia might be so little and funny but for others, it might be a triggering point for anxiety attacks. Few people get trigger points overseeing a particular event and situation. People often know that the situation or object is not harmful yet they go through emotional trauma. No matter what they do it doesn’t get normal until one calms down.

The 5 types of specific phobias:

There are hundreds of phobias in the world. One would laugh off at it but they are painful for many people. From fearing women to men, children, witches, ghosts, to clowns. These may be funny for a few people but this can be scary for so many across the world. There are some  specific phobias like:

Animal phobias: The fear of animals is something grave. People get scared of dogs, bees, snakes, insects, cats, or anything like that. Animal phobias are the most commonly found phobias.

Situational phobias: This is a fear of specific situations. This kind of fear depends on specific situations like flying, driving a car, or being in a car, lift, staircase, etc. The fear remains over bridges, tunnels, closed spaces, etc.

Natural environment phobias: The kind of fear regarding storms, heights, or water. Sometimes people get scared of getting into the water due to some bad drowning experiences. The fear of falling from high-rise buildings, and the mountain also triggers a fear while few get traumatized by the news of storms and cyclones.

Blood-injection-injury phobias: The fear of remain injured, seeing blood or needles, injections, etc. It becomes quite painful to remain injected or to get blood tests done.

There are people who faint seeing blood be it on themselves or others, all these are various aspects of a phobia.

Other phobias: These kinds of phobias remain instilled in the mind and remain affected by the fear of falling loud sounds, clowns, witches, ghosts, etc. People here with this phobia can imagine a situation in which one is stuck and gets an anxiety attack. These kinds of phobias can occur to anyone at any time.

What Are the Symptoms of Specific Phobias?

There are a few symptoms of it:

  • Extreme fear of a specific object or situation
  • Going through panic attacks seeing a particular situation or object
  • Physical symptoms like the loud thumping of heart, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, trembling or shaking, numbness or tingling, problems with breathing, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, choking or suffocating
  • Anticipatory anxiety is quite common and occurs to everyone. It is the sudden feeling of anxiety, palpitations, or nervousness right before an important situation or event.
  • Children express their anxiety by crying, clinging to their parents, or even throwing a tantrum.

There are many experts, therapists, and mental health professionals who have cures for phobias. Various sessions with the experts in confronting the fears and overcoming them. Be it CBT, Systematic Desensitization, Exposure therapy Psychotherapy, etc. These remain some therapies conducted by experts to help the person overcome.

Nothing Lasts long, not even it is with the right treatment at the right time and little determination from the affected one, it will get over in no time. Having phobias is okay but it should not stop anyone from living a normal life.