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Secrets your Nails Tell about your Health

Your Nails Tell about your Health

Your Nails Tell about your Health, Nails play an essential role in the body, but they have had a more aesthetic purpose in recent times.

However, nails can also tell you if you have any health problems. For this, you must be a reasonable observer. Here we show you the main signs to be aware of.

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1. Yellow nails

If you have yellow nails, you might have a fungal infection, which, if not treated in time, can cause them to break. If you smoke, it may indicate lung problems.

2. Pale nails

You may be suffering from a deficiency due to a lack of nutrients. It could also indicate circulation problems that make it impossible for blood to flow through the fingers.

3. Dark red nails

We are not talking about the colour with which you paint them. We are talking about the state of your nails, which could indicate that you suffer from heart disease.

4. Bluish nails

Suppose your nails show this colour or turn purple if it is imaginable that oxygen is not circulating correctly throughout your body. You may be suffering from heart or lung problems, such as bronchitis.

5. Brown nails

They turn brown may suggest that you are having problems with your thyroid or have issues of a nutritional nature.

6. Brittle or split

If your nails break or split, you may be suffering from hypothyroidism. If they are dry and brittle, you may be deficient in vitamins A, C, and B7. Or they may break due to overuse of nail polish remover.

7. Roughness vertically

When roughness appears vertically, it is a sign of aging. However, it can also indicate a lack of magnesium or vitamin B12.

8. Vertical breaks

Also known as Beau’s lines, they are the product of trauma to the nail, such as a blow. But it can also be a pointer of a disease, such as pneumonia.

9. White nails with pink stripe

These stripes appear at the top. Possibly indicates that you have diabetes, kidney failure, or hepatitis.

10. Stings

If the nail surface remains pitted or even underwater, you may have dermatitis, eczema, or even psoriasis.

11. Spoon shape

If your nails grew spoon-shaped, with ridges and extracted depression, it may be due to excess iron. This form of pins is associated with heart or circulation problems.

12. Red skin

If the skin around your nails turns red, it means you have nail inflammation. If it remains accompanied by inflammation, it may be a bacterial infection.

Your Nails Tell about your Health, Nails speak and say a lot about your state of Health. Therefore, if their condition is not good, you should consult a doctor and stop using so many cosmetic products that affect the development of your nails.

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