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How to Wear a Lapel Pin: 4 Rules and Ideas for Wearing Them

Lapel Pin

Although lapel pins were historically worn during formal events, they have recently evolved as a fashionable accessory that can be worn with any outfit. Today, the pins come in endless designs and styles and are often used to add personal flair to any look. They can show your support for a cause, an achievement you’ve made, a group you’re part of, or can act as a symbol for something you enjoy.

In the past, there were certain rules to follow when wearing a lapel pin. However, as they have evolved as a trend, there is more freedom with how you can wear them. Today, when wearing custom lapel pins, it’s most important that you express your unique personality! In addition, here are some general rules to consider when you wear a lapel pin:

  1. Choose a pin that symbolizes you
  2. Don’t wear too many at once
  3. Incorporate the pins into your outfit
  4. Don’t feel tied down to traditional rules

Continue reading to discover each rule in more detail, as well as gain some inspiration for wearing lapel pins

1. Choose a pin that symbolizes you

When you wear a lapel pin, you want to be sure it shows off who you are. Whether it shows an organization you’re involved with, an accomplishment you’ve made, or has a unique message, you want the pin to stand out and show off something about you. Since it’s worn on your outfit for everyone to see, make sure it’s something that truly speaks to your personality!

For example, you can use a lapel pin to show support for anything from charitable organizations, LGBTQ+ rights, dog breeds, or even a message like “girl power.” No matter which design you choose, don’t be afraid to let the lapel pin speak for you!

2. Don’t wear too many at once

Since your lapel pin will make a statement and spark conversation, it’s important not to wear too many at once. If you wear too many, the meaning of each one may be lost or confused. By wearing just one, you can make a clearer statement with your pin.

For example, if you wear just one symbolic pin, it will stand out since it is the only pin you’re wearing. However, if you wear pins for three different organizations, the statement you make for each organization may get lost because people won’t be able to focus on just one. By wearing just one or two pins at a time, you can have a clearer message and make a more impactful impression on those around you.

3. Incorporate the pins into your outfit

There are several types of lapel pins that you can use to express yourself! While there is total freedom with what you choose to wear, a good tip is to try and match the lapel pin with the overall aesthetic of your outfit.

Matching your lapel pin to the rest of your outfit will make the pin look more intentional, and it can also help draw more attention to it. It can also add a fun pop of color to an otherwise more neutral look. For example, if you are wearing white or black, wear a bright pink or green lapel pin to create some contrast. Moreover, you want the pin to be a key part of your outfit rather than an afterthought!

4. Don’t feel tied down to traditional rules

While lapel pins are traditionally worn on the left side over your heart, you should not feel obligated to stick to this rule! Since they have become a more mainstream fashion accessory, you should feel free to wear the pins anywhere you want.

Fashionable pins look great on a jacket, hat, or tie! Depending on where you decide, it can make the pin stand out more or less. If you want people to ask you about the lapel pin, you might want to put it front and center. On the contrary, if you prefer it to be a small detail to your overall look, placing it on an accessory such as a bag or jacket might be better! Be creative, and above all, have fun!


Now that you know the general rules of wearing a lapel pin, as well as have some ideas on how to style them, it’s time to get creative! Use your favorite pins to add more personality to your look, and mix and match where you place them to make a statement.

Whether you’re wearing your pin to show off an achievement, support a worthy cause, appreciate a musician, or just show part of your personality, wear it to let others know what you stand for! Next time you put together an outfit, think about how your lapel pin can speak for you.

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