SAre you looking for new sports to try out in your spare time? We’ve compiled a list of ten really healthy sports that match two criteria: a low chance of injury and a significant boost to both physical and mental health. It makes no difference what order the sports are listed in.


Running is a sort of physical activity that may be done by anyone, at any time and from any location. Of course, each person will determine their own pace and distance to run, this is dependent on a number of things.

Running demands a lot of physical power and endurance. At the same time, it is a sport that raises both cardio and muscle levels. Running on a regular basis has been demonstrated to promote bone density and strength.

Furthermore, running while listening to music might help you relax and, therefore, reduces stress and anxiety, and provides a sense of well-being.


It is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Swimming is a low-stress activity as well. It helps you maintain healthy body weight, enhances lung capacity and builds muscles, all of this is in addition to calorie burning. The best part is that you can go swimming in an indoor pool at any time of year.


Tennis burns 600 calories in one hour, placing it on the same level as jogging and cycling as one of the most beneficial aerobic activities. All of tennis’s sprints, pivots, slams, and serves also require you to harness your strength and exert energy in brief but powerful spurts.



Volleyball is among the healthiest sports on our list because it causes an increase in metabolism, improves agility, enhances coordination, and makes you feel better. It also burns a substantial quantity of calories. According to Harvard Medical School, between 90 and 133 calories can be burned by a person during a non-competitive game lasting half an hour, volleyball that is not played on the beach, based on a person’s weight, while between 120 and 178 calories are burned during a competitive gym game.


Basketball is not only a very exhausting sport to play, but it also benefits your health on multiple levels. According to our findings, it strengthens spatial awareness, develops decision-making abilities, lowers stress, helps a lot with coordination, and fosters confidence. For every hour of competitive basketball played, a 165-pound person can burn approximately 600 calories, while a person weighing 250 pounds can burn up to 900 calories.



Cycling’s peak season is in May and June. Where millions of races and events take place every year around the world. You don’t have to be a Maillot Jaune competitor to enjoy this wonderful sport. Cycling classes are enjoyable and widely offered. Cycling is an exercise having a modest impact that improves your mental and physical strength while also burning calories. Exercising people have those four years younger’ brain volume after only five months.

Whatever sport piques your interest will keep you active and in shape. Which of these is your top pick?