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7 Beauty Benefits Of Omega 3 Supplements You Should Know

Omega 3 Supplements: Every so often, you hear of something new to great skin, lustrous hair, a brighter smile, and so on. Sometimes, sticking to the classics, the traditional means to enhance beauty hold more power. 

Take Omega 3, for example. Though less popular among the population seeking to gain Instagram-worthy looks, it is now gaining traction. The rise of attention and adoption of alternative medicine post-COVID involved fish oil too. The benefits of this super nutrient for the heart and immunity are popular enough. Let’s explore its benefits for beauty today, shall we?

Omega 3 Supplements And Beauty – A Simple Guide

Omega 3 fatty acids target your cells, enhancing their function. This trait is not limited to tissues in your heart and brain, your skin, your hair, and your teeth receive their fair share of the perks of omega 3. There are numerous benefits to look forward to, but let’s keep it simple and take a look at the top 7 that will interest you.

  • Enhances Skin Hydration And Texture

Right off the bat, omega 3 fish oil fatty acids regulate your skin’s oil production, promoting optimal hydration. Sufficient skin hydration means your skin is smoother, avoiding the breaks and cracks that render makeup efforts useless. It also means that fine lines and wrinkles, major signs of aging, leave your skin alone and occur at a slower pace. 

Omega 3 supplements also minimize breakouts by building a protective barrier for your skin. As a result, you get that sought-after glowing and vibrant complexion!

  • Shields Against UV Damage

Sunscreen is a must for anyone stepping out in the sun in these modern, ozone-depleted, polluted times. However, you need to pay attention to what you consume if you want complete protection against the sun. Since it’s inevitable to avoid being outdoors, and sunscreen is not 100 percent perfect, how about elevating your skin’s defense mechanism from within?

Omega 3 supplements come to the rescue by shielding your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. The fatty acids work wonders in minimizing the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. 

But that’s not all. If you do happen to damage your skin due to sun exposure, omega 3 can help speed up healing. The redness or sensitivity from the sun diminishes quicker by leeching the extra nutrition your body is receiving. Also, you can apply a light amount of omega 3 fish oil externally to soothe the skin.

  • Speeds Up Wound Healing

Sun damage is not the only skin issue you can heal with omega 3 supplements. How about being regular in your intake of omega 3 the next time you get hurt and crack open your skin?

Studies show that omega 3 fatty acids in in fish oil can promote the healing process, both by regulating inflammation from within when ingested and by soothing the skin externally when applied to the affected area. A review of a 2021 research found that omega 3 supplements can potentially enhance the healing of ulcers and various kinds of skin wounds. 

  • Helps Manage Dandruff 

How about some hair care via omega 3 supplements for a change? Given that omega 3 fatty acids regular skin’s moisture and enhance hydration, it’s unsurprising that omega 3 offers hydration benefits to your scalp and hair strands too.

By adding omega 3 supplements to your daily routine, you can manage dandruff accumulation. Scalp flakiness and roughness are a thing of the part when you pay careful attention to consuming moisture-enhancing foods, and omega 3 is a quick fix, improving scalp health while keeping things on the ‘good’ fat side. Say goodbye to scalp irritation and awkward snowflake bits!

  • Assists Hair Growth

Omega 3 does not only improve the look of your scalp and strands but also pushes growth. 

Numerous studies on omega 3 supplements prove the nourishing effects of these fatty acids on hair. By alleviating inflammation, which can sometimes cause hair loss, omega 3 stimulates hair growth. 

Not only does your hair grow back quickly, but also gains a hydrated, sheeny look. The addition of nutrients to your diet makes the new hair healthier, and less prone to breakage and shedding. 

  • Boosts Nail Health

Did you know that omega 3 is one of those nutrients you may be deficient in which causes your nails to become brittle and weak? 

Omega 3, with its amazing fatty acids, can actually give your nails a healthy and shiny makeover. However, you should know that omega 3 is not a complete fix; too-weak and discolored nails are often a sign of health problems such as anemia, hypothyroidism, or fungal infection. 

Nevertheless, omega 3 holds a treasure of benefits for your nails. You can even apply some omega 3 fish oil to your cuticles to keep them from becoming dry and brittle, especially during dry and chilly weather. Additionally, by increasing your intake of omega 3, you can nourish the cells in your nail bed, reducing inflammation and enhancing nutrient absorption. 

  • Improves Teeth & Gum Health

Who doesn’t love a bright smile? It may seem like a small part of your face to pay attention to, but healthy teeth work wonders toward enhancing beauty!

Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids possess the remarkable ability to diminish the risk of periodontal disease. Improve your gum and teeth health by consuming a diet rich in omega 3, or turning to omega 3 supplements to bridge the gap. You may be able to steer clear of tooth decay and infections, as omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, omega 3s are renowned for their capacity to alleviate gum discomfort and bleeding. 

Omega 3s and A Better-Looking You: The Verdict?

There are many aspects of your life that affect your beauty, but there’s no denying that the right mix of nutrients can cause an effect somewhat close to magic!

Omega 3 supplements support your skin, hair, nails, and even oral health in many ways. It’s worth taking the time to understand what dosage and type of supplement work for you to introduce an effortless and sustainable way of improving the way you look…and thus the way you feel!

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