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Is My Relationship With Online Friends Getting Unhealthy?

Unhealthy Relationships: Many people have “online only” relationships these days. It’s one of the great things about technology and social media, it can help communities blossom, with people from all over the world engaging with one another and sharing their thoughts and interests.

Of course, that’s a very idealistic way of looking at it. There’s also the side of it that makes the news, as people prey on the vulnerable too.

It can be a very easy trap to fall into, and spawn incredibly unhealthy online relationships. However, unhealthy relationships online can spawn in many ways and often can develop into an addiction to the internet.

Behavioural addiction, as it’s known as a broader term, affects millions of people worldwide. Addiction to the internet is rife, and one of the key things that triggers that are unhealthy online relationships.

Many people entering a drug or alcohol rehab clinic have suffered badly from online relationships, losing money, friends and trust in people that can be difficult to recover.

You wouldn’t want to wish it upon anyone, so what are the key signs that your online relationships may be unhealthy, and that you may need help?

Your relationship has become controlling

Whether you feel like you’re being controlled or you are the controller yourself, it’s an unhealthy place to be in a relationship both online and offline, and there are a number of signs that you may be in one.

This article offers an in depth look at the signs your partner may be controlling. If you identify any of those in your relationship. It may be worth cutting ties or getting help.

You’re being pressured into sending personal information

It perhaps goes without saying, but you should be incredibly careful about what you share with people online.

Scammers and hackers will play the long game, gain your trust and then get the information they need to do some real damage. It can be hugely costly, not just on your wallet but on the ability to trust people.

Information such as passwords, addresses and other confidential items should be avoided. While you should also be very wary of sending private photos, especially any that may be compromising in any way.

They make you feel uncomfortable

For younger people speaking to adults especially, if you’re ever made to feel uncomfortable, that’s not ok. In any situation.

You should never be made to feel that way and if it does occur. You should reach out to friends, family or even the relevant authorities to ensure that you are kept safe and the matter is dealt with appropriately.

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