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Padmavat remains a 2018 Indian Hindi-language epic period drama film directed through Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Created on the epic poem of the same name through Malik Muhammad Jayasi, it leads Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati, a Rajput queen identified for her beauty, the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh, played through Shahid Kapoor. Sultan Alauddin Khilji, played thru Ranveer Singh, hears of her beauty and attacks her kingdom to claim on her. Aditi Rao Hydari, Jim Sarbh, Raza Murad, and Anupriya Goenka starred in supporting roles

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Details Of Padmavati Movie Online

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali


  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Sudhanshu Vats
  • Ajit Andhare

Screenplay :

  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Prakash Kapadia

Star cast:

  • Deepika Padukone
  • Shahid Kapoor
  • Ranveer Singh

Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterjee


  • Jayant Jadhar
  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Akiv Ali



  • Bhansali Productions
  • Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Distributed: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Release date: 25 January 2018

Running time: 163 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Budget: ₹150–190 crore

Box office: ₹585 crore

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About Padmavati Movie Online

In the 13th century Afghanistan, Jalal-ud-din Khilji of the Khilji dynasty planned to take over the throne of Delhi. His wicked nephew Alauddin Khilji asks for his hand in the marriage of Jalaluddin’s daughter Mehrunissa. Their marriage remains arranged, but on the night of the incident, Alauddin commits adultery with another woman. A senior courtier witnesses the act and remains immediately killed by Alauddin.  Similarly, During the wedding, Mehrunisa remains informed about this, which scares her. The wedding takes place, and Alauddin remains appointed as a major general.

In Singhal (modern Sri Lanka), Princess Padmavati accidentally injures Rajput ruler Maharawal Ratan Singh while hunting in the forest. As she deals with him, he reveals that he has gone to Sinhala to obtain a rare pearl on behalf of his only wife, Nagmati. Eventually, the two bond and fall in love. Ratan Singh requests for Padmavati’s hand in marriage, she agrees, and with her father’s permission, they are married.


Jalaluddin took the throne of Delhi and sent Alauddin to repel the Mongol invasion. Alauddin manages to do so but conducts an illegal raid on Devagiri. He captures the princess there, kills her husband, and takes her as his mistress. Jalaluddin’s wife and nephew warned him against Alauddin’s ambition to take over the throne. However, he travels to Kara to meet Alauddin and gifts him Ghulam Malik Kafur. Alauddin killed Jalaluddin and his ministers by Kafur and declared himself the new Sultan. Over time, Alauddin and Kafur became very close, and Kafur rose to become the general in Alauddin’s army.

Padmavati travels to Mewar with Ratan Singh and remains blessed by her royal priest Raghav Chetan. Chetan later secretly sneaks into the palace and spies on an intimate moment between Ratan and Padmavati, and is later banished. He then goes to Delhi and tells Alauddin about the beauty of Padmavati. Alauddin, determined to achieve anything extraordinary, invites the Rajputs to Delhi, but his invitation remains declined. Enraged, he besieged Ratan Singh’s capital Chittor. After an unsuccessful six-month siege, Alauddin pretends to be at peace for Holi and is allowed to enter Chittor, where he meets Ratan Singh. He asks to see Padmavati; Ratan Singh accedes to the request but only momentarily prevents Alauddin from seeing his face. Ratan Singh is tricked by Khilji and taken to Delhi as a prisoner.

At the End

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