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Mirzapur Season 1 Download – How to Watch Mirzapur Season 1?

Mirzapur Season 1 Download

The Mirzapur is an Indian action criminality thriller streaming television series on Amazon Prime Video, created by Karan Anshuman, who wrote the script and Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna. The first season was a director, Anshuman, along with Gurmmeet Singh and Mihit Desai, who headed the second season. The Series remains shaped by Rithesh Sidhwani besides Farhan Akhtar of Excel Entertainment. The Series is Amazon Prime Video’s third Indian Original after Private Edge and Breathe.

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About the Series

mirzapur season 1 download

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action

Creator: Karan Anshuman, Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna

Director: Karan Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, Mihir Desai

Star cast: see Cast section

Musician: Anand Bhaskar

Composer: John Stewart Eduri

Country of origin: India

Original Language: Hindi

No. of Seasons: 2

No. of Episodes: 19


Executive producers: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, Bhaumik Gondaliya

Cinematography: Sanjay Kapoor

Editors: Manan Mehta, Anshul Gupta

Running time: 38–65 minutes

Production company: Excel Entertainment


Original network: Amazon Video

Initial release: 16 November 2018 – present

How to Watch Mirzapur Season 1 Download

mirzapur season 1 download

Watch [Mirzapur Season 1 Download] with just some clicks; the user can also watch [Mirzapur Season 1 Download] in H.D. video. On the other hand, Torrent Site user does not need to pay any amount to watch Mirzapur Season 1. That is, you can watch the Mirzapur Season 1 Download online free on the Torrent website.

Best Alternatives for Watching and Downloading Mirzapur Season 1 Download

Mirzapur Season 1 Download


More About Mirzapur Season 1 (2018)


An appalling occasion at a wedding procession ignites a series of affairs entangling the lives of two families in the ungovernable city of Mirzapur.


Guddu and Bablu consume a life-altering choice to make. Munna gets a life lesson. A new, diabolical contender for Mirzapur emerges.


A generation-old rivalry remains rekindled.


Akhandanand exam the boys’ moral fibre, leading them a track of no return. And Sweety must choose between Munna and Guddu.


Guddu and Bablu access a striving plan to raise the gun trade, but for this, mutually the cops and criminals of Mirzapur must cooperate.


A conference of the mafia heads of the Purvanchal camouflaged as a Holi party leads to a forecast that threatens to convert all equations.

Lions of Mirzapur

Guddu and Bablu have originated into their own in their secluded and professional lives as criminals. But is it a time for a rethink?


Tempers feast a head between Guddu and Bablu while they’re in exile. And it’s time for the Mr Purvanchal contest.


Three groups of Tripathi’s display the biosphere who they are.


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