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Are you Joining the Latest Beauty Trend? You will Enjoy It

Latest Beauty Trend

The slow beauty current is here to stay. The trend, whose principles remain aligned with slow food,  slow fashion or slow tourism, has accelerated in the past year. “With all this scenario that we are living. We end up forgetting to dedicate time to ourselves. Hence quiet beauty is having so much success because it remains based on” achieving internal well-being “in our day to day.” explains Paz Torralba, director of The Beauty Concep centres. The raison d’être of this movement is “to promote a philosophy of beauty connected both with the environment (use fewer products, sustainable products …) and with oneself (simplify, take a moment of pause, personal care )”. He summarizes Ambra Orini, co-founder of The Beauty Makers agency.

Latest Beauty Trend

Quiet beauty is an innovative concept that transcends the creams that we apply. According to Torralba, creams refer to a change in habits to slowly take life, slowly savouring every moment and living according to our values. It represents unhurried beauty based on the harmony of time and practising a healthy life”. In short, the other side of the cosmetic coin remains governed by speed and promises immediate results and forgetting its natural essence.

“Faced with the implanted canons that offer us the possibility of entering an operating room and in a day leaving with a different face and body, although this entails a slow, painful and stressful recovery, slow beauty implies a change of attitude towards the pursuit of beauty. This trend leads you to indulge in a healthy lifestyle, select those products and techniques that make you feel good, that is the most natural and healthy for your body and mind”. Experts help us decipher the keys to this incredible beauty trend.

Cosmetics With Soul

The beauty slow does not want to rush, and that starts in the choice of products, explains Sandra Sanchis. It is about choosing cosmetics with a ‘soul’ that awaken your senses: touch, sight, smell, and ingredients that are as natural as possible, for example. Rinse the Natura Siberica shaper. Use creamy cleansers that need you to work on the skin and that when you remove with a soft muslin moistened in hot water. You feel that you have freed the skin of the dirt accumulated from the day or apply a body scrub. Before the shower, you are calm, enjoying its aroma, and aware that this moment is a ‘cure’ for the skin and the senses.

According to Lena Korres, Brand President and Chief Innovation Officer of Korres, the slow mindset impacts beauty shopping and daily ritual. ” A beauty product has to be a testament to the spirit of a brand. Real promises, carefully selected ingredients, pleasing textures, scents that lift your spirits combined with sustainable practices, honesty and transparency.”

Do Not Complicate Yourself

“Choose products that stand tailored to your skin and specific needs; Don’t overdo it, don’t give in to the next social media craze, don’t complicate things. Stick to what you reason works best for you, what makes you feel good, what is compatible with your values ​​and then take time for yourself and your selected beauty ritual to work its magic,” advises Lena Korres

Self-Care Is Practice

The key is the time! Orini exclaims. Also practice. “It is as easy as taking a minute of connection with oneself, enjoying personal care through gestures, which go as far as daily personal hygiene. Through shower gels, body creams, soaps or shampoos that seek to elevate this routine through aromas and textures that transport us and offer us, even in the shower, moments of well-being and promote disconnection”. Thus, says Sanchis, you flow, accept changes, and age naturally with harmony and stress. ” The self is a ‘very healthy selfishness’ ; we must dedicate some time to ourselves, calmly, with tranquillity”, concludes Inma Blanquer, director of Assari.

Start Point

The beauty slow began practised in some centres and spas beauty and has become more widespread. “They are a great escape route to get away from daily stress and enter a universe of relaxation. Harmony and balance through protocols designed to connect body and soul, with products that do not experiment with animals, cabins set to induce relaxation and treatments executed by professional hands that are therapeutic”, defines Paz Torralba. “Everything adds up to the journey that begins when you pass the front door of a beauty centre. Not only do you have to leave with a more radiant skin but with a deep sense of well-being”, Inma Blanquer points out, and for this reason, as Sanchís concludes, they are the best ambassadors of the slow beauty movement.

The Moment

Massage is the grand champion of this beauty trend. “beauty trend is probably one of the oldest therapeutic resources used by humans to relieve pain and one of the most practised methods to relax the physical body and mind seeking well-being. It affects all the organism’s systems: musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, connective, metabolic, digestive, urinary, skin and all the viscera”. Says the director of Assari. For her part, Sandra Sanchís compares the message to mindfulness squared. “Aside from being great for nourishing your skin. Activating your circulation and loosening your muscles, the biggest beneficiary is your mind. The effect after a good massage? Resettotal!” In the beauty centre or at home, do not give up the benefits of this practice.

There Is No Slow Beauty Without Slow Food

And this is so because beauty remains linked to food. Thus, Ambra Orini explains: “As a consumer. I do not feel good just because I eat healthily but also because my purchases and my consumption are conscious. By this. I perceive the satisfaction of the purchase given through the fact of taking had a positive impact on sustainability”. The founder of slow food was Carlo Petrini, and as confirmed by Charles Orrico. Nutritional coach and sports nutritionist at the boutique gym Fit Club Madrid.” Eat health with real food will help improve our hormonal environment. Insulin sensitivity and also our body composition (among many other things). Besides this, we will feel more energy throughout the day”. If you have questions, visit their recipe page. It will make it easy for you.

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