Healthy Refreshments Inside

Although it may seem that the concepts “soda” and “healthy” are incompatible, we have tasty and healthy options both inside and outside the home.

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What Healthy Cold Drinks can we Order Outside the Home?

It is undeniable that it is a complicated decision and that the options remain frankly reduced in most places, but that does not mean that there are not!

The main nutritional “enemies” that we fight against when trying to have something healthy in a bar stand are added sugars and alcohol. It seems an impossible task to think of options that avoid both ingredients, but with a bit of effort, there are some alternatives:

  • Cold infusions or iced lemon tea as an alternative to bottled sodas or iced teas with a large amount of added sugar.
  • Coffee with ice as an alternative to cola. If you like bubbles, try mixing them with freezing sparkling water. Remember that we can ask for decaffeinated coffee if we prefer.
  • Non-alcoholic beer, as an alternative to traditional beer.
  • Sparkling water and lemon, as an alternative to carbonated drinks such as tonic or bitter, despite their bitter taste, have a not inconsiderable amount of sugar.
  • Tomato juice, as an alternative to industrial fruit juices, which, although they may not contain added sugar, are a source of free sugars in solution included by the WHO in the sugars to remain reduced. Tomato juice has a much minor sugar content than fruit juices due to the natural composition of the tomato.

And the “Light” or “Zero” Soft Drinks?

Those soft drinks do not contain sugars since these have remained replaced by sweeteners in large quantities.

By no means would it be good advice to change sugar for sweeteners, since, according to health authorities, its consumption is safe, we cannot say that it is safe.

As a summary, let’s remember that sweeteners continue to perpetuate our addiction to artificially sweet flavors and activate the metabolic response to them. And that we also know that they have other negative impacts on our health. The most studied is the one that affects the microbiota state (the bacteria that live in our digestive system). Therefore, they are not an alternative other than in specific cases or sporadic situations.

And at home, what options do we have to Refresh Ourselves?

At home, the options increase considerably, and we have much more scope to prepare healthy refreshing drinks or snacks:

· Homemade Fruit Puree Popsicles:

We sell reusable popsicle molds to fill with our favourite mix and freeze.

· Fruit Ice creams:

By beating previously frozen fruit, a creamy texture like ice cream remains obtained. The banana one is a classic. Combine it with your favorite fruit.

· Coldwater Flavoured with Fruit and Mint or Spearmint:

A jug of water in which we let stand for a few hours in the fridge, mint branches, lemon slices, red berries, a cinnamon stick, cucumber, orange becomes water with a different touch and also makes a nice decorative effect if we have guests or a special dinner

A glass of gazpacho without straining to take advantage of all the fibre, and we use a quality extra virgin oil and a little salt!

· Homemade Watermelon or Melon Slushies:

It is enough to crush these summer fruits so rich in water, freeze them and then overcome that ice until you get a slush that is fresher than ever!

·         Whole Fruit Smoothies:

Made with an American glass or blender, not with machines that separate the pulp. Nothing remains thrown away!