Take Care of your Health and Well-Being

Take Care of your Health and Well-Being, One of the general recommendations for a healthier lifestyle is to exercise. However, we know that time is money, and sometimes we don’t have enough to go to the gym. Let’s put aside the lack of time and any excuse. Here are five activities you can do outside of the gym.

If your work hours are uncertain, you live far from the gym, or your economy does not allow you to hire the services of a gym, calm down. Currently, there are different options that you can go to exercise every day and promote a change. Have you heard of functional training?

All functional training has a priority to respect the natural movement of the body and progressively increase its strength and resistance. The situation remained used initially in rehabilitation programs as it involves a complete training regimen.

The advantage of this training, in addition to the fact that the facilities of a gym are not needed to perform it, is its “kindness” with the joints since it makes the muscles work practically and adhering to routine movements, which focus on balance, coordination, flexibility, range of motion, and posture.

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Activities to Proceeds Care of your Health without a Gym

Take Care of your Health and Well-Being by Extra to the information that we have shared with you about functional training, we want to present you with five activities that you can do at home or in any other space.

Go up and Downstairs

This activity is an excellent cardiovascular exercise with which you will exercise your legs a lot. You will have a significant caloric expenditure, of course, as long as you do it constantly. It would be best to have personal contraindications due to injuries or any other health aspect.

Go out Dancing

Dancing also burns calories. Although they cannot remain accurately counted, on average, you expend between 400 and 600 calories during an hour of dancing. Without forgetting that it is a very entertaining activity, in which rhythm and body coordination remain working.


It is a variant of aerobics that consists of sequences on a step. The physical work is mainly cardiovascular. The advantage is that said step can be transported from one place to another, allowing the routine to remain carried out in different spaces.

Walk and Walk

Take Care of your Health and Well-Being, Brisk walking can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. In addition, you can take advantage of these minutes to reflect and distract yourself. If you have pets, go out with them and have fun.

Do not forget to have this posture during your walk: head up, always looking forward and not down. Your neck, back, and shoulders should remain relaxed. Swing your arms slightly and squeezing your stomach muscles in moderation. Remember to support your heel first and then your toes with each step.

Get a Set of Weights and a Jump Rope

Take Care of your Health and Well-Being, Exercises with weights and ropes can remain combined with other activities such as walking or jogging. Both are part of aerobic training in which coordination stands worked.

No matter what activity you choose, a general goal is to try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. And don’t forget to go to your medical specialist to tell you if there are no contraindications or extra care that you should consider. The goal is to improve your lifestyle, not injure yourself.

At Plan Seguro, we know that exercise is essential to preserve or improve our health. Still, it is necessary to visit a medical specialist periodically to ensure that everything is going well inside. Learn about the plans and services we have for you, quote and feel safe at all times and Take Care of your Health.

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