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What is Bronzer: Oil or Sunscreen?

What is Bronzer

What is Bronzer, Solar oils have been on the market for quite some time? Even so, we still have doubts as to whether or not they work or whether they are adequate to prevent damage from the sun’s rays. If before, we remained told not to go overboard with its use since they did not provide the same benefits as creams. Some specialists assure that the oils have their advantages and their disadvantages.

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Advantages of Oils

What is Bronzer, A sun oil of SPF 15 will protect you in the same way as a sun cream of SPF 15. So you can replace the cream you usually use as long as the oil you choose is of the same sun protection factor. Of course, remember to take into account your skin type (if you are more prone to burning or if your skin is oily or dry) to choose an oil that covers you from UVA rays and remains perfectly absorbed into your skin. Choose Delial oil that, thanks to its spray format, is easy to apply.

The oils accelerate the tanning of the skin.

Another advantage and the primary function of the oils is that they accelerate the tanning of the skin. They do it up to 20% more than what your skin achieves naturally. They can stimulate the production of melanin and make the damage caused by the sun on your skin reappear. For example, Nivea sun oil will make your tan appear more quickly and make you look a uniform, golden and long-lasting tan.

Bronzer, Sunscreen, and Sun cream: Are they the Same?

Although the sensation of using sun oil is stickier than cream, Hawaiian Tropic has released a dry oil that soaks into your skin and makes it waterproof. The positive part about the oil texture is that it lasts a long time on the skin and is slowly absorbed, which is why it lasts longer than sunscreen. It is an ideal alternative if you have dry skin, but you should discard it if you suffer from acne. The oil Ecran gives you extra moisture and also prevents premature ageing. Apply it every two hours and do not make the mistake of not applying it to parts of the body such as the insteps, ears or the nape of the neck.


What is Bronzer, A bronzer is a cosmetic formulated to intensify the tan. Who resorts to using a bronzer does not look for protection; it seeks above all to achieve colour. Whoever seeks shade is an adventurer who remains exposed to risk by staying longer than due to the sun without the necessary protection. Its mission is not to protect the skin but to “toast” it.


It remains formulated to fulfil a function above any other: to protect the skin from the sun. Please protect it from UV radiation by absorbing, scattering or reflecting it.

To protect yourself from the sun, not just any cream will do. Each skin type has different needs, and each of us has different expectations when going to the beach or swimming pool, doing sports or living outdoors. Always seek advice from a skin specialist before purchasing any of these products.

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