While we think of blue light glasses, we consider computers or smartphones for that; we think less of it in the case of TV. But watching TV still means blue light enters our eyes, and we might want to consider wearing blue light blocking glasses.

Even high-intensity blue light emanates from a TV screen should be filtered. Whether you are watching TV from your computer or television, you are still exposed to blue light.

Can I wear non-prescription blue light glasses while watching TV?

You can find a range of blue light glasses with and without prescription. Non-prescription blue light glasses are as beneficial as glasses that help correct your vision.

You don’t have to wear prescription glasses to benefit from protective lens filters such as UV protection, anti-reflective, or blue light.

What kind of blue light glasses should be used while watching TV?

blue light glasses

During the day, the TV screen is somewhat tolerable for our eyes. But at night, the screen is between 400 nm and 550 nm. To help reduce the blue light, you should use the kind of glass that can withstand this amount of harmful rays.

Many glasses claim to filter blue light, but they are not very effective. Ensure that the glasses you want allow you to add blue light blocking. Otherwise, you may be using blue light glass that does not filter the blue light for your eyes.

The picture displayed on the TV screen may look slightly different when using blue light glasses. For example, in the case of blue, you can see black and green colours, and the green colour will make you feel light green. Everything else will feel the same to you except this.

However, if you experience eye fatigue, headaches, and poor sleep due to watching TV for many long hours, try using a pair of blue light glasses.

Before investing in a new pair of glasses, have a regular eye check with your opticians. Your opticians will determine whether you need glasses or not. If you may need glasses to help while you watch TV, you can browse a range of eyeglasses online.

Blue light blocking glasses online

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