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3 Tips For Choosing The Best Dab Tools

Dab tools

The world is seeing increased use of cannabis resulting from its recent legalization for recreational and medical purposes, and the easing stigma against its use.

In fact, it’s expected that the global cannabis market will reach over USD$90 billion by 2026. If you’re an enthusiast who enjoys an occasional taste of cannabis, then you’ve probably heard about dabbing.

Dabbing is considered the cleanest and most potent way to enjoy cannabis concentrate. And in creating a powerful dab rig, the right dab tool is one of the most important tools you’ll need.

What Is A Dab Tool?

Dab Tool

Dab tools or dabbers are small wands that look similar to a dentist’s tool. Its end has a specific shape or design for handling dabs.

The purpose of dab tools is to safely and effectively scoop your dab or cannabis concentrate from its container and transfer it into the hot nail when dabbing.

In short, a dab tool allows you to apply dabs and prevent a sticky mess while also keeping your hands safe from the hot nail.

Whether you’re new to the cannabis dabbing scene or want to change the dab tool you have, there are many factors you need to consider.

How To Choose The Right Dab Tool?

1. Look For The Right Design

When shopping for a dab tool, you’ll come across various shapes, styles, and sizes. However, you don’t simply pick the most stylish one you find.

In general, the dab tool design you need will depend on the consistency and cannabis concentrate you usually use. Some dabbing tools are designed for a specific cannabis concentrate, while others are versatile enough to handle several types of dabs with ease.

Here are different designs you’ll find:

  • Blades And Paddles

Blades and paddles dab tools help break apart large chunks of cannabis into smaller hash dabs. This type of dab tool is most suitable for viscous cannabis waxes. Paddle dabbing tools can help separate cannabis waxes more efficiently than other designs.

  • Scoop Or Spoon

As its name implies, a scoop or spoon dabbing tool is like a tiny spoon that allows you to scoop a dab and put it into the nail. This makes it suitable for the sappier and more pliable cannabis concentrates, including budder, CO2 distillates, and waxes. Spoon dabbing tools are also suitable for working with isolates such as crystalline THC and CBD.

Some scoop dabbing tools may have a pointed tip that allows you to break apart solid concentrates and must get the right dab size.

  • Ballpoint And Needlepoint

Ballpoint or needlepoint dab tools are most suitable for breaking off large slabs and chunks of cannabis into smaller pieces for dabbing.

In particular, ballpoint dabbing tools can help make a clean cut on cannabis shatters known for their glass-like appearance and brittle nature. Other than that, needlepoint dabbers are also suitable for some cannabis waxes and allow for a mess-free transfer of partially melted solventless dab to a dab screen or nail. ‘

2. Consider The Material

Other than the different designs, dab tools also vary in terms of material. Each material has its benefits and complexities, but the best one should be high quality, durable, and resistant to heat.

That said, there are four popular materials used in making a dab tool:

  • Quartz

Quartz is a durable material commonly used in dab tools. It heats up pretty well but also tends to lose heat quickly. Most enthusiasts claim that quartz provides the best dabbing flavor.

  • Glass

Glass may be a fragile material for dabbing tools, but it’s great at resisting heat. Also, since glass dab tools are often handmade, they offer a classic and creative appeal to your dabbing rig.

  • Titanium

If you’re looking for a dab tool that can last for generations, opt for titanium. Dab tools made of titanium are durable and lightweight, which allows for a seamless dabbing experience. Just make sure to look for a dab tool called ‘medical-grade titanium.’

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is best for heat retention and is more durable than glass. However, it won’t provide flavor as well as quartz. That being said, it still delivers flavor better than metal alternatives such as titanium.

3. Think Of Your Rig

A dabbing tool should go with the rest of your dabbing rig and other equipment you have. This is particularly true if you have individualized or specific tools.

For instance, dab tools recently have started to come with carb caps meant for decarbing cannabis dab and controlling the airflow when dabbing. This component is a dab tool that also helps optimize the vaporization temperature in the nail. Since there are various sizes of nails and carb caps, you need to make sure that the dab tool with the carb cap you choose will fit the nail of your dabbing rig.

You should also consider the material of your rig nail. If you have a quartz nail, then it makes sense that you use quartz or a glass dabbing tool.

Take Away

Dabbing has become one of the most favored and popular ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Having the right dabbing tool is key to having a pleasant and mess-free dabbing experience.

So, ensure to follow the simple tips mentioned above to choose the right dabbing tool for your needs.

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