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8 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Fish

Helps To Lose Weight

In general, Eat  Fish contains less fat than meat. Now, remember that white fish (hake, cod or monkfish) provide much less quantity than blue fish (sardines, tuna or salmon). And in addition, the fat they provide is much healthier than that of fish.

The number of calories in fish will depend on how you cook it. Better grilled, steamed or baked than fried or battered.

Promotes Intellectual Development

Fish is one of the primary sources of minerals such as zinc or phosphorus, vitamin A, B12 or folic acid, and nutrients involved in concentration, memory, and learning.

Bluefish, such as mackerel, anchovy or sardines, are perfect for activating cognitive abilities.

Strengthen Your Bones

There are species whose spines remain also eaten, basically the smallest ones. Fresh or canned sardines or anchovies allow you to eat them whole and have an extra amount of calcium for your bones. By way of much as a glass of milk!

Remember to include in your diet foods that contain vitamin D (dairy, salmon or egg) that help to assimilate well the contribution of calcium. To say it of some

Take Care Of Your Heart

Both white and blue fish protect the health of our heart. On the one hand, the first ones hardly contain fat (it does not exceed 2% of their weight). On the other, the fat of the blue ones, especially their polyunsaturated fatty acids, is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

The fat in bluefish increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels, lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels, and therefore the risks of cardiovascular disease are minimized.

Easily Digested

Eat More Fish has low fibrous protein and low collagen compared to meat. The less collagen a food has, the more tender it is. For this reason, a slice of hake is softer than a meat fillet, and it will cost you much less to digest.

The delicate stomachs have in the different types of fish many options to take care of themselves. Think that between other species and ways of cooking them, the possibilities are endless.

But for this to be the case, it is essential to prepare it and accompany it. It is of little use if you cook a sole on the grill if the garnish is fried potatoes. Go for steamed veggies, whole grains, roast potatoes

Nourish The Muscles

Fish has a good amount of protein, as much as meat or eggs. This nutrient is essential for muscle recovery after exercise and for organs to maintain and develop properly.

Fish consumption among children is essential for their growth. If they are reluctant to eat it, choose soft white fish or try cuttlefish. They are generally better accepted than other spiny species.

Increase Defences

Regular consumption of fish strengthens the defences. The omega-three acids in fish are an essential ally of the immune system, as it reinforces it.

Omega 3 acids have also remained proven to help fight inflammatory processes, skin rashes, and fatigue.

 It Remains Cooked In A Thousand Ways

Do not limit yourself to hake or sardines. Including fish in the weekly menu is very simple since, in addition to having a massive variety of species to choose from, preparing them can be very different. There are recipes and combinations for all tastes.

Frozen fish is an inexpensive option used as current techniques allow all nutrients to be conserved.

In addition to the classic forms, you can prepare fritters or croquettes, cakes, and quiches, including an ingredient in pasta or rice salads, scrambled eggs, and soups.

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