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Why Every Senior Should Be Familiar with These 3 Technologies

Why Every Senior Should Be Familiar with These 3 Technologies

Even though most seniors are familiar with cell phones and social media, there are other technologies that can add levels of quality to their lives. It’s amazing just how fast technology is advancing. Although many younger, working age professionals are quickly learning how these technologies benefit them, seniors can realize those same benefits and so many more.

1. Life Alert and Other Wearables

You may have already come to the conclusion that you would be safer in a senior residential facility but are not yet ready for assisted living with or without memory care. Even if you researched and found amazing senior facilities near me and have moved into your independent living apartment, there are wearables you can benefit from.

One would be the life alert necklace or bracelet that lets you call for emergency help in situations like falling and being unable to reach a phone. Then there are wearables that track such things as blood pressure and heart rate and others that help you keep track of glucose levels in your blood.

2. Amazon Echo Dot, Alexa and Smart Technology

Some of us believe that Smart technology was invented just for seniors! Have you ever seen an Amazon Dot in action, voice controlled by the Alexa app? The first time you use it, you will be utterly amazed. You can program it to remind you when it’s time to take your medications, you can add items to your shopping list with those same, simple voice commands and you can even enter appointments on your calendar if you happen to be on the phone without a pen and paper.

Simply tell Alexa to add an appointment, give her the date and time and then tell her to save it. You can even ask Alexa to sing you a song if you are bored. Smart technology is useful but fun at the very same time. You can even program your smart wall outlets to turn televisions and lamps off at specific times. It’s truly amazing.

3. Video Chat

One of the saddest, most heart-breaking things for seniors is losing touch with family and friends. While they can post on social media and often do, there is nothing like opening Facebook chat with video. It’s like you are in the room with them and it is levels above simply reading words on a page.

You can show them things you’ve crafted such as a baby blanket for that new grandchild and you can even sit down to a meal together, even if you are thousands of miles apart! As long as you both have mobile phones or computers with a webcam, you can sit and enjoy an afternoon together just like you did all those years ago. The only thing you can’t do is try each other’s entrees, but who knows, teleportation might be next on the list of technological advances!

Technology to the Rescue

There is no longer a need to be a literal recluse or forget those important dates and times you seem to be losing track of these days. With all the advances in modern technology, we might even see robotic maids to clean up after us one of these days. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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