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What Happens If I Skip A Few Dental Cleanings?

Most people get involved in other activities and forget to visit the dentist regularly to clean their teeth. No matter how busy life gets, you should never skip an appointment with your dentist, as that will affect your dental health in the long term.

The cost of treating dental diseases is far more expensive when compared to the cost of maintaining teeth through activities such as dental cleaning or dental checkups. Even if one saves the money that you could use to preserve teeth, you will discover after all that the cost of treatment is still higher. Do not forget that failure to do so can also lead you to lose the whole tooth. Or some other complications of teeth that have a long-lasting effect.

Not cleaning your teeth can also negatively interfere with your teeth’ appearance and cause them to lose their beauty. A dental cleaning near me can help regularly maintain my teeth to restore performance and appearance. The dangers of not cleaning your teeth regularly are as follows;

Dental Cleaning Near Me Will Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities

If your teeth are not cleaned for a long time, food deposits stick in the teeth and gum; bacteria continue to feed on the plaque and excrete enzymes that act on your tooth enamel to erode it. The continued reaction of the enamel with these substances starts to cause tartar, which eventually turns out to be tooth decay.

When left untreated for a long time, this proliferation of bacteria can cause a severe tooth cavity. It is unlikely for anyone to compare the cost of filling a tooth cavity with that of cleaning, which makes a dental cleaning near me a vital remedy to prevent dental health problems.

Failure to Visit Dental Cleaning Result in Halitosis

The condition is often referred to by many as bad breath; although unclean teeth do not necessarily cause halitosis, it is also a cause in most instances. Bad breath can be very irritating, especially when talking with people.

In most cases, the condition is caused by leaving your teeth uncleaned for a while. And bacteria start to feed on those remains, and at the same time, they emit substances that cause a nasty smell when you open your mouth or breathe out. Remember to clean up your teeth after meals to mitigate these annoying smells. For more professional cleaning, visiting a dental cleaning near me will be a good help.

Dental Cleaning Prevents Browning of Teeth

Continued accumulation of plaque attracts more bacteria and leads to rapid multiplication of bacteria. These bacteria will mix with the sugary food remains and start releasing acids that react with the enamel to form a brown coating. If the layer remain not removed for some time, it changes to hard brown stains that are difficult to remove. Remember to visit a dental cleaning to eliminate such stains before they develop into a more complicated dental disease.


You must visit a dentist’s cleanings and checkups for better dental health. Failure to regularly clean your teeth poses risks such as tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis. Lack of teeth hygiene is also a primary cause of bad smell and browning of teeth.

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