The recent pandemic has demonstrated the importance of having a strong immune system to combat the virus. As water is the most important factor that may help you manage your immunity levels, dive deeper to find out how a water purifier could make you healthier.

Water fulfils thirst and supports the upkeep of a healthy body. Depending on their level of activity and the weather where they live, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises or suggests that everyone must drink 2- 4 litres of water every day.

Why is Water Purification necessary?

TDS levels of less than 300 ppm in water make it safe to drink (parts per million). If you want to improve your health, care for something you can’t live without, like water.  A water purifier greatly aids your water treatment and cleaning. Water purification is a process that cleans water by removing impurities such as bacteria, viruses, inorganic-organic materials, and other contaminants.

A water purifier aids in the removal of impurities. Besides removing impurities and contaminants like any other water filter, it also kills biological contaminants and removes harmful minerals.

There are a couple of methods when it comes to domestic water purifiers, but if you want the maximum contaminant removal, then an RO water purifier will be a wise choice.

Here is some more detailed information on how a water purifier can change your immunity and what are the various types of purification-

Removal of harmful chemicals

The water that comes out of our faucet contains thousands of chemicals. Long-term exposure to such chemicals can cause serious health problems in our bodies, including severe damage or infection to some of our internal organs. A filtration system can remove these chemicals from our drinking water.

In water purification plants, chemicals such as chlorine are frequently added to the water during the purification process. When chlorine reacts with organic materials, trihalomethanes are formed, which are carcinogenic and can cause cancer. Long-term exposure to chlorine can lead to other respiratory problems such as asthma. All of these harmful chemicals, however, can be purified and removed using the RO water purifier.

Improves Metabolism and Digestion

A high metabolic rate indicates that the body burns more calories even when at rest, indicating that it is healthy. Drinking clean, mineral-rich water improves your body’s overall metabolism. It also hastens digestion, making you feel more energetic and healthy.  Drinking clean water is also beneficial to our mental health,  aiding in the improvement of body metabolism.

Helps in losing weight

Water assists in the digestion of food, the passage of food through the intestines, and the absorption of essential nutrients by the body. Drinking too little water may result in sluggish digestion and a slowed metabolism. As a result, it’s critical for people trying to lose weight to understand that drinking clean water from a water purifier boosts metabolism, improves absorption, and aids in weight loss.

Adds minerals to your diet

Mineral-infused water can change your perspective on living a healthy life. Some water purifiers effectively remove harmful impurities from drinking water while preserving essential mineral deposits. Minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and others, when consumed on a regular basis, help to improve your organ systems. Take Pureit Ultima Eco Mineral Water Purifier for example; in this water purifier, water quality is detected up to 5000 times per second, indicating how pure your water is. TDS in and TDS out levels for your drinking water are displayed; and  water is enriched by the addition of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, resulting in healthy, mineral-enriched water.

Overall Health Benefits

Heavy metals such as cadmium, copper, iron, lead, and nickel are commonly found in water bodies, particularly in India. Most of these contaminants can be removed from water using water purifiers with carbon film and RO inside. Nowadays, most RO has a mineral booster that aids in mineral boosting and leaves a healthy amount of minerals such as calcium, minerals, and potassium that are considered healthy for us. These minerals help to strengthen our immune systems and improve our overall health.

Drinking clean and safe water from a best-in-class water purifier like Pureit Vital Max RO+UV+MP with FiltraPower Technology gives you refined water that strengthens your hair and skin health. As we all know, water makes up the majority of the human body, approximately 70%, so drinking plenty of water will aid in the development of your body and prevent premature ageing. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin moisturised and your hair volumised.

Bottom Line

A comprehensive water purification system can help you improve your health, save money, and help the environment all at once. Water purifiers today remain equipped with cutting-edge technical instruments that help to remove unwanted chemicals and contagious pollutants from your water while also improving its overall quality and flavour. Due to their numerous benefits, water purifiers have become one of the most significant items in a modern household.