Ultrasound in Aesthetics

Ultrasounds allow treatments that do not need surgery and that have excellent results in fighting localized fat.

What is t?

A non-invasive and painless method breaks down fat cells using high-frequency sound waves, breaks the adipocyte, and promotes the release and elimination of its content. They are generally applied using a small diameter head that moves slowly in a circular way over the area to remain treated. It is similar to cavitation or ultra cavitation, which also utilizes waves but with a low frequency.

What is it for?

In aesthetic medicine, ultrasounds remain used to combat the hardest cellulite and localized fat, stretch marks, scars, acne and varicose veins. It also improves lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate fluids, as well as blood circulation.

Its application focuses on the flanks, legs, abdomen, buttocks, and face (double chin, neck). And a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended to start seeing results.

Ultrasounds For Cellulite

The treatment remains carried out using a head that emits sound waves at low frequency. These are inaudible to the human ear, and their emission is highly concentrated. Due to this, a deep penetration into human tissue is possible, approximately one to three centimetres, to reach the sebum layer. Fat tissue remains usually found at this distance on anyone’s body.

The effect of ultrasound for cellulite is heated. And this breaks down the fat cells that cause it to look rough. By targeting adipocytes directly, and thanks to their concentration, they remain destroyed.

Subsequently, the tissue is liquefied, and all this liquid material remains eliminated by blastocysts, cells in charge of collecting the material from our body to process it.

It causes the waste of the fat cells of the sector applied to the treatment of the body to remain transported to the bloodstream finished the normal metabolization process. The whole point of this procedure is to pass it through the liver to stay undone.

The immediate effects produce a tremendous amount of nutrients in the bloodstream, and these remain expelled instead of existence stored as fat in unwanted areas.

Facial ultrasound:

On the face, it also works only that the intensity is somewhat lower. Instead of promoting the reduction of several centimetres of tissue, the idea is to stimulate the collagen fibres and tighten the areas where there is sagging. In facial ultrasounds, skin rejuvenation occurs after several sessions.

You have to be aware that this is not a surgical facelift, nor does it have the same effect as radio frequencies so that the skin will be tightened little by little and from inside. As the ultrasonic impulses stimulate the dermal tissues. They will remain renewed and strengthened until reaching a point where the appearance has recovered for several years.

In addition, this treatment also works with the skin of the neckline. It can eliminate the small wrinkles that appear in the canal. And give a smoother and more youthful appearance of skin.


  • Tightens the skin on the chin
  • Produces an elevation of the eyebrows
  • It can minimize bags under the eyes.

There is a wide variety of equipment on the market. It is essential that, before purchasing, we make sure that they have ANMAT certification for their use and commercialization. What will give us the security of suitable equipment for its application in our body or the patient?

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