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MASK: 3 Facials and some Tips to Fight New Acne

Tips to MASK

The Tips to MASK, The rubbing of the mask, adult acne, Facial sweat treatments is now more necessary than ever.

Tips to MASK, Suppose you notice that more pimples have appeared on your face in recent weeks, especially in the lower half. In that case, your mask likely has something to do with it: the skin perspires worse, and rubbing increases the appearance of redness and impurities. It is now known as ” masking “, a mix between mask (mask) and Acne.

Currently, 21% of treatments booked at Treatwell are facials, which shows that after the initial boom in hair and eyelashes, we are most concerned about the excellent condition of our face. Here are the three most reserved facials to cleanse and oxygenate the skin and combat mask.

Chemical Peel

Tips to MASK, In the number 1 position, this almost magical treatment restores radiance to the skin instantly. Applying a solution with chemical exfoliants, such as acids, removes the most damaged upper layers of the skin. Consequently, the skin appears smooth and soft again. With this, impurities and acne scars also disappear. “Since the skin flakes a few days after treatment, it is essential not to expose the sun during that period and apply protection to the face afterward,” say the experts.

Facial Oxygen Therapy

The Tips to MASK, Anti-acne treatments are the second most reserved, and one of them stands out: oxygen therapy. It is one of the star treatments to hydrate the skin, eliminate impurities and give it that fashionable glow effect. “The face remains sprayed with a jet of cold oxygen under pressure that penetrates the dermis so that the blood circulation remains stimulated and the production of collagen remains increased”, indicate the experts. Its success is not only due to its results itself but also to its speed: in a single session, you can see how the skin is smoother. In addition, combined with other treatments such as LED masks, it offers very positive results.


The third most reserved treatment is one of the most “instagrammable”: micro-needling. It is a roller with microneedles known as a derma roller that, by rolling across the skin, stimulates collagen and elastin production. The derma roller has many benefits, and for Acne, it works in two ways: it reduces acne scars and allows the treatments that remain applied later to penetrate better. Of course, do not remain tempted to do it at home: it must always be an expert who performs the treatment to ensure that the necessary hygiene measures remain met.

And other Tips

Changing the mask frequently or washing it if it allows. It is ideal to avoid accumulating more impurities on the skin. Experts also recommend either skipping the foundation or, if not possible, choosing a lighter one. And as always, whether there is makeup or not, perform a proper cleaning routine every night before going to bed.

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