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The 10 Tips For The Good Use Of Information Technologies

Good Use Information Technologies

Good Use Information Technologies, In the first place, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be beneficial for learning children and adolescents. It allows them to acquire skills and technologies that they will need in the future. But you have to teach them when and how to use them properly.

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Establish rules

Establish rules and time limits. Well, its prolonged use can generate multiple problems: physical (back pain, eye fatigue, sleep problems, sedentary lifestyle), academic (lower concentration or performance), psychological (addiction, stress ) and social (isolation, loss of interest ).

Good Use Information Technologies, Parents must be trained and informed to educate their children in its responsible use. You are his best role model. They should not use game consoles, tablets, computers, smartphones (smartphones) before two years. Please keep them in a familiar place at night and during meals, thus respecting moments of family communication and rest.

Avoid accessing

In the first place, Avoid accessing risky content (violence, pornography, pedophilia, drug use, games, commercial fraud, fashion videos with complex behaviors, bulimia, anorexia, etc.). There are parental protection programs. Take into account the age and theme orientation of video games and entertainment programs.

Good Use Information Technologies, Watch the contents that upload to the Internet. Teach them the value of privacy for yourself and others. Explain that everything that remains uploaded to the Web can be modified, shared, and stay forever.

As well as, Protect all devices with Internet connection with antivirus systems, screen locks, passwords and strong codes. Update the operating systems and their programs. Maintain access to your computer and keep it in a conspicuous place in the house.

Teach respect

Teach respect to others. The ciberacoso or Cyberbullying is when underage insult, threaten, blackmail and repeatedly humble through a social network.  Sexting is the notice of erotic or pornographic material through a social network. Both can have severe social and emotional repercussions for those who suffer it and legal for those who do.

As well as, The minor should not contact or follow social networks those who do not know in real life. And less go to a date. The grooming occurs when an adult posing as little blackmail and sexually abuse him.

Be alert to any problem related to ICT, which is usually detected late. Maintain good communication with your child. Pay attention to physical, emotional, or behavioural changes.

Faced with the suspicion or certainty of cyberbullying or grooming, you must always act immediately. You have to keep it away from the harasser and report the fact. If the situation is serious, ask for help from a professional (paediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist or police expert in technological crimes).

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