You should already know that it is essential to look after your oral hygiene every day as this will help you to keep your own teeth into old age. That’s something that an increasing number of people are managing to do. But, you may not realize that your oral health is linked to your overall health.

In short, if you want to keep your teeth and increase your chances of a healthy old age, you, need to develop good oral hygiene practices now. That includes knowing how to floss properly.

It is also a virtuous idea to start visiting a holistic dentist, they specialize in oral care while making sure that any treatment you have is in the best interests of your overall health.

Why You Should Floss

You may be wondering why you should floss when you already brush your teeth for the required two minutes at a time twice a day. You may even use mouthwash regularly.

Unfortunately, while these two techniques do remove harmful food debris from your mouth as well as plaque, brushing and mouthwash can’t get all the tiny pieces that get between your teeth. That’s what flossing is for.

Steps To Floss Properly

Done properly flossing is simple, quick, and effective.

1. Get Your Floss

The first step is to take a piece of floss roughly two inches long. Any shorter and you’ll struggle to hold both ends while moving it between your teeth. Simply pull it out of the box and break it at the desired point.

2. Holding It

You now need to hold it correctly. This means taking one end in each hand and holding it between your thumb and forefinger. If you’re struggling to maintain a grip then you can pull off a little more of the floss and wrap it around your fingers.

3. Using It

You’re now ready to put one hand on each side of your selected tooth. Slide it gently between two teeth and then bring it down to the base of your teeth, by the gum. It should create a C shape around one tooth. You can then gently pull it through, keeping it taut until it has slid all the way through.

It is not a good idea to use a see-saw motion as this is likely to damage your gums.

4. Repeat

Once you have done one tooth you simply repeat the process with another. With a little practice, you’ll get the technique right in no time and you’ll find that flossing is fast and efficient.

When To Floss

It’s a good hint to floss at least once a day although you can do it twice if you wish. This helps to ensure all debris is removed and can’t contribute to the buildup of plaque in your mouth.

Remember, it’s the reaction between food and bacteria in your mouth that creates acid which attacks your teeth. This causes cavities. Eliminating the food debris prevents this from happening.