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Take Care Of Your Curls And Get A Perfect Wave

Tips To Take Care Of Your Curls: Curly hair tends to be unruly, fluffy and difficult to style; However, some tips will help you master it and show off a defined, shiny and soft mane

The curly hair, unlike smooth, is more challenging to care for because the Chinese tend to dry and fluffed. It takes more time for the scalp oils to move downward and hydrate the entire hair fibre well.

According to Schwarzkopf, this also happens since the hair is not in direct contact through the scalp. And their softening properties through the sebaceous glands. The curls are more sensitive to external aggressions. For these reasons, curly hair requires special treatment to look amazing. In De Ultima, we share some tips to make your hair look incredible without any difficulty.

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Buy The Right Products

It is essential to use the right products for daily washing and care to show off incredible curls. These must be special for Chinese hair.

Schwarzkopf recommends shampoos and conditioners that contain natural lipids such as shea butter, or jojoba or macadamia oil since with them, a thin film will take care of your hair tone while retaining its shape.

Stylist Gabriel Samra recommends conditioner as an introductory product for perfect curls; in addition to the styling cream – if your hair is magnificent, use mousse – as it helps define the Chinese.


This step is significant in your routine curls because if you rub vigorously and dry with a towel, it can cause frizz and your hair to become brittle. In this way, Schwarzkopf and TRESemmé recommend drying gently and pressing a little to remove excess water.


The curly hair should remain brushed while wet. In this way, after removing the excess moisture, you will have to pass a brush. The stylist Gabriel Samra recommends using combs with thick and separated teeth since these do not break the natural structure of the curl. Sections should comb the hair.

You can also use the curl- by- curl technique, in which you will separate your hair into small parts. You will apply your styling cream and then detangle your hair with your fingers. Later you will take a curl and gently stretch it from the root to the tip.


To achieve much more defined curls, you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser. Although the dryer’s heat damages the hair, it is preferable to let it dry in the open air. You can use a diffuser with a shallow temperature and avoid the frizz that can remain generated and give a little volume to the mane.

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