Worth Being on Instagram

Worth Being on Instagram, Nothing happens, in this article, I will explain in detail what Instagram is and what this social network is for your business.

You will learn how to install Instagram step by step. And you will see with me all its ins and outs to help you get the most out of this social network and start using it like a professional.

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What is Instagram?

Worth Being on Instagram is a social network that took its first steps in 2010 by developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, whose primary function is to communicate through images and short videos.

In its beginnings, the attraction of this social network was the ease and variety that there was when applying filters to the images so that beautiful results could remain generated at a visual level.

Instagram is a social network designed to be fully functional on mobile devices, both for iOS (Apple’s operating system) and Android (Google’s operating system).

It has a desktop version to use the social network. But the web version is minimal compared to the mobile version from its inception until today.

So it can remain said that Instagram is a social network created specifically for mobile devices.

What is Instagram for?

The main functionality of Instagram is to be able to share images or short videos with people.

The attractiveness of this social network is that the content that users upload is easy to consume as it is purely visual content.

Over time, Instagram has evolved, and today you find several ways to consume those images or videos, such as through:

  • Instagram Stories.
  • Instagram Live.
  • Your wall or profile.

The quality of the images or videos is one factor to consider in this social network.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Instagram?

Now that you know what Instagram is and what it is for. It’s time to show you all the advantages and disadvantages that I find in this social network at the business level. Are you ready?

Advantages Of Using Instagram For Business

Instagram Is Totally “Free.”

Worth Being on Instagram, It is a social network where you do not have to pay any amount of money to access any content available on the platform.

You may be wondering why the word free is in quotes.

The reason for this is that it is true that you do not have to pay to use the application,Z But instead, you offer your data so that the social network belonging to Facebook can segment and personalize the ads shown on Instagram.

Show Your Most Human Side.

Showing your face and making yourself known is essential if you want to show closeness and trust to people.

We do not stop being sociable beings. So we love to see the most human side of each one and photography and video are a great asset to achieving that trust.

Give Visibility To Your Business.

Like other networks, Instagram offers a profile for companies where you can start showing the world what you offer. What you do, who you can help. In a visual way.

I already told you that there are more than 1,000 million users on Instagram; investigate if your target audience is here, develop a strategy and start to stand out on this social network.

Drive Traffic To Your Website.

In the description of the profile of your Instagram account, you can put a link. So I recommend that you enter the one that goes to the section of your website that most interests you for users to see.

Important: Instagram does not allow you to put clickable links in the descriptions of the publications.

Elevate Your Business To A More Human Side.

If I told you before that it was essential for you to show yourself. It is also necessary to make your team known in a close and transparent way behind your company.

People love stories, tell anecdotes about your company, make your users identify with you.

Advertising To Power.

Worth Being on Instagram, Organic content is excellent, it helps generate interactions and make your brand known. But at the end of the day, a company is there to sell and offer solutions.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through advertising on Instagram and the power of segmentation that this social network offers you.

Sell ​​Your Products Directly On Instagram.

Worth Being on Instagram, A great success of [Instagram] is to allow you to sell your business products directly on the social network thanks to [Instagram] Shopping.

Remember to sell your products and show them visually and attractively, do not upload Stock or catalog images

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