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Understanding And Solving Common Electrical Problems

Common Electrical Problems

Common Electrical Problems, Electricity is something maximum people take for granted. You don’t think about it when you reach for a light switch or flick the kettle on. But, the truth is that it isn’t always there when you need it. That’s because electricity travels through wires and circuit breakers before reaching your appliances and these components can fail, leaving you with an issue that needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

The good update is that there are an array of common electrical issues, knowing what they are and how to compact with them can make your life easier. Of course, it also helps to know a reputable Sydney electrician that you can call when needed.

Broken Light Switch

This is a common issue as light switches are constantly under pressure, they can be turned on and off masses of times every day.

The issue can be a broken faceplate or a problem with the wiring inside the switch.

To resolve this you’ll need to shut off the circuit breaker to the light switch and, check to make sure there is no current at the switch. You’ll need a tester for this.

You can then remove the faceplate. This may simply prise out or you may need to unscrew the cover. You will then be able to understand the wires inside the switch. They should be in the socket properly, if not, make sure they are before tightening the holding screws up.

If you’re concerned about the condition of the switch, replace it.

Regular Circuit Breaker Tripping

If a specific circuit breaker keeps tripping it is likely to be one of two issues. The first is a problem with the breaker. The second is the circuit is overloaded or you have a bad appliance.

Simply disconnect everything on the circuit and turn the breaker back on. If it trips the breaker is at fault and needs to be replaced. It can also be an issue with the wires which you may need an electrician to look at.

If the breaker stays on you’ll want to plug your appliances in one at a time. A specific appliance will likely make the breaker trip. Repeat the exercise but change the order you plug things in, if the same appliance causes the breaker to trip you have a problem with the appliance and it needs looking at.

Loose Socket

This happens because sockets experience stress all the time as things are plugged in and out. You’ll want to turn the breaker off to the circuit and check that it is off with your tester.

You can then remove the cover which should be screwed into position. Add a couple of shims to help tighten the socket cover to the wall properly.

Put it back together and test, the problem should be solved.

Final Thoughts

It should be noted that the above are simple issues but you should only tackle them with care and if you feel confident and safe doing so. Anything more hazardous should be looked at by a qualified professional.

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