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Nuts: All The Benefits And Properties Of The Dried Fruit.


Walnuts arrive in autumn to be the great allies of our heart, to give us a natural shield against the most typical diseases of this time and to help us lose weight.

With some foods, we have to make a real effort to incorporate them into our daily diet, but this is not the case with nuts. Easy to find, versatile in cooking, with a pleasant taste and multiple properties that help our body, the fruits of Juglans regia are a true gift of autumn. Perhaps the best known are those from California, but that is not why you believe that they are initially from America. The most widespread theory is that the Romans brought them to Europe from Asia, and it was the Spanish who crossed the pond with them. The harvest of a product that the Spanish Nutrition Foundation begins  is classified as “a complete food” from the end of September.

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What are Walnuts?

Walnuts are an essential food that we must eat frequently. One of the reasons is that they have shown potential to improve cardiovascular health in general and, in particular, to reduce blood pressure thanks to their content of omega-3 fatty acids of plant origin, such as alpha-linolenic (ALA). Not surprisingly, the Spanish Heart Foundation considers them the ” great allies” of the heart muscle. A study by the University of Connecticut Health Center and Texas A&M University, published in the journal Nutrients, further states that “they contain a complex variety of natural compounds and phytochemicals that exhibit a wide range of fitness benefits, including protection against inflammation and colon cancer “.

Other studies indicate that walnuts provide slow assimilation energy, which have shown positive effects in patients with gallstone diseases and that their high calcium content promotes bone health. All this, in addition, keeping the scale at bay. And it is that walnuts are not fattening even if they have more calories than a Bollycao. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that women who ate them seldom experienced more significant weight gain over eight years than those who ate them twice a week or more. Its satiating effect contributes to not carrying out large food intakes.

In addition, walnuts help us against four diseases typical of autumn, starting with the symptoms of asthenia. The reduction of daylight hours. Lower temperatures and the return to routine lead us to apathy, but this dried fruit is rich in tryptophan. This amino acid helps generate serotonin and lift the mood. Colds and flu multiply at this time. And the zinc in the walnut helps prevent infections and alleviate symptoms such as mucus, sneezing, and sore throats and muscles. They similarly throw us a cable with an asthmatic allergy that increases owing to the lack of interior ventilation and ensures the health of our joints that suffer after changes in atmospheric pressure thanks to their omega 3. Finally, they are recommended especially in women since they facilitate a greater probability of healthy ageing.

Varieties Of Walnuts

There are more than fifty varieties of walnuts, which remain classified as soft-shelled and hard-shelled. Of them, the most consumed in our country are the following:

  • Castile or common walnut. Fruit of the so-called European walnut or Spanish walnut remains cultivated in Spain and California due to its climatic similarities. Hardshell and late budding filled inside.
  • Good quality, thick and tasty fruit. It ripens in mid-October and is native to the valley of the river Isère in France.
  • Hartley . Fruit of high quality, large size and conical shape. It is also grown in California.
  • Large and tasty fruit. Ripens in October and also comes from Isère.
  • Thick fruit with a lot of flavor. Late maturing and of French origin.
  • Fruit of small size and light colour. It is early ripening and remains harvested in mid-September. It is also grown in California.

How To Buy And Store Walnuts

In the market, we can find walnuts with or without shell, whole, chopped or ground; but when buying them, it is preferable to choose the fruit with the surface or. Failing that, vacuum-packed because they will better preserve their properties. We will select those that have the shell intact and are heavier because they will bring more quantity. November is the perfect time to buy them because they are already ripe and dry.

To preserve them, we can use an airtight container to leave in a cool and dry place. The fat in the walnut remain easily oxidized and can go rancid if stored for a long time. So it is better to buy it little by little as we consume them. The peeled ones can remain kept between two or three months. While the peeled ones remain recommended to put in the refrigerator to delay their rancidity. They can also remain frozen without any problem.

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