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Makeup Fixer, How is it Used, and What is it For? More

Makeup Fixer How is it Used

Makeup Fixer How is it Used, Have you heard of makeup fixer? When looking for practicality and makeup to last longer on the face, this is a good option since you won’t have to worry about touch-ups during a party or day-to-day. In addition, some options can remain adapted to each type of skin to achieve the desired effect; Canipec introduces you to the three available types of fixative for makeup.

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The Wet Spray Version

This format leaves makeup with a more natural finish. If you are preparing your makeup for day-to-day and want a natural finish, the wet spray makeup fixer is the best option. In addition to giving a touch of glow to the skin and helping to set the products, it also helps to hide some expression marks because it softens the coverage, even when using a matte foundation.

But, to use the product without damaging the makeup, you have to be careful: place the product at a reasonable distance from the face, about 15 centimeters, and spray a maximum of 3 times the wet spray to ensure that the look will last.

Dry Spray

Makeup Fixer How is it Used, It is ideal for setting makeup for events and oily skin. It will be suitable for those occasions in which more elaborate and long-lasting makeup stands are required, such as weddings and graduations. For example, being dry spray is the best option. The reason is that this type of makeup fixative keeps the previous application of cosmetics intact, preventing them from running and compromising the look. On the other hand, as it gives a matte touch to makeup, it is ideal for controlling excess oil on the skin. The advice is to spray a little of the product and keep it at a distance of approximately 20 centimetres.

And to avoid clogging the pores, be careful to constantly clean the skin well to remove makeup residues since the dry spray makes the products stick much more to the face and that it is difficult to remove them properly. Hence, it is vital to have an excellent routine to remove makeup.

The Powder Makeup Fixer

It helps you hide the spots and gives a matte effect to the skin. It remains recommended that it works as an ally of high coverage bases. Covering dark areas and tattoos without the risk of makeup running. Still, it can also remain used to mattify makeup and control oil. We counsel you to use a brush to apply it and brush the face lightly; take care to distribute the product well,

Whatever format you decide to use, always remember to purchase it in the formal market. Approach companies and brands committed to your beauty and well-being.

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