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Do you know how to have fun in your Life?

Fun in Your Life

The Importance of Fun in your Life.

When you reason for having fun, what do you think? Exactly how much time of the week do you spend taking joy or responsibility actions that you enjoy?
Version to the glossary, fun is an action that products desire and confuses from worries and dullness.
Though, not everything that helps us not to think about our problems is fun. Not everything brings us joy. Working like crazy, for example, can help us not to think about family problems, but it does not amuse us, nor does it help us solve them.
Just as our bodies need sleep and rest to recover and function properly, we need to have fun to recover from emotional and psychological wear and tear and increase our overall health and well-being.

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In addition, it remains scientifically proven that enjoyment, a product of fun:

  • Improves breathing and circulation,
  • strengthens our immune system,
  • statements endorphins that decrease or eliminate pain and produce a feeling of general well-being,
  • reduces tension and anxiety,
  • improve our relationships,
  • lets us develop a positive attitude towards life,
  • gives us greater clarity, to find the appropriate solutions to our problems,
  • favors our self-esteem,

Why do we leave to have Fun in your Life?

It is depressing to realize that it is becoming more and more challenging to consume fun.
It is unpaid, in part, to the tremendous pressures and multiple activities we have.
We have almost no time left for fun, and when we do, we are exhausted.
We mistakenly believe that the only and best way to rest is to lie down, watch television, etc.
This activity does help us rest physically, but it does not eliminate or reduce the fatigue produced by pressure, uncertainties, and problems. It is best to have fun.
Different causes we are losing the ability to have fun are:

  • Rigidity and perfectionism, a result of our education or what we experienced in our childhood or adolescence,
  • fear of criticism from others,
  • a technique that “services” us to do “[fun] effects” that we do not relish,
  • the routine of worrying about everything or being constantly tense,
  • poor self-esteem, which leads us to monitor ourselves all the time and try to give an image accepted by society,
  • have developed a victim attitude,
  • we have lost the capacity for wonder and to be creative.
  • Misconceptions such as:

Fun in your Life, Having [fun] is wasting time. Only irresponsible or immature people constantly seek to have [fun], the value and importance of a person depending on what they have. Therefore we cannot waste time playing, etc.

How many of the actions do you do for [fun] or to clear your free time to amuse you?
According to their way of being, each person has fun differently, values, feelings, thoughts, and previous experiences.

What can be a lot of fun for one person can be very boring for another.
Also, Some have fun with activities that can be done unaccompanied, and there are people who essential other people to take pleasure. Approximately prefer activities that require a lot of effort or physical strength, and others seek softer actions. The significant objective is to discover what is fun for you.

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