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How to Create a Full-Body Home Workout Routine Using Resistance Bands

Full-Body Home Workout

Do you enjoy working out at home rather than the gym? Having a home workout area—or home gym—is a great way to get your exercise in while saving commute time and avoiding paying for a gym membership. Many also prefer to work out at home because they are uncomfortable working out in front of others.

No matter what your reason for working out at home—and no matter what size of space you have for exercising—you can get in a fantastic full-body workout with the addition of some simple resistance bands.

Here is how to create a full-body workout in your home gym with resistance bands.

What Are Resistance Bands

Resistance bands home gym are extra large rubber bands that come in a variety of thicknesses, durability, and lengths. They provide resistance by the use of stretching force and can be used to increase strength or sculpt muscle. Not only are resistance bands affordable and take up little space, but they are also easy to transport so you can use them in various rooms of your home or can be taken along when traveling or attending exercise classes.

What is a Full Body Workout?

A full-body workout strengthens most or all of the major muscle groups in your body including the legs, arms, back, shoulders, glutes, and core. Full-body workouts can be based on strength-building exercises or they can be aerobic in the form of swimming, rowing, cycling, or running. Full-body workouts are beneficial because they involve a complete range of motion, burn more calories than isolated exercises, and improve training efficiency.

Creating a Full-Body Workout with Resistance Bands

Ready to see what a full-body workout looks like with the use of resistance bands? Here are the components:

  • Reverse lunges with foot on band and holding the handles at shoulder level. 15 reps for each leg.
  • Bent over row with feet hip-width apart and standing on band. Two sets of 15.
  • Push-ups with band over shoulders and handles placed under hands. As many reps as possible, two sets.
  • Overhead press with band under feet and, gripping handles, extended arms above head. Two sets of 15 reps.
  • Reverse curl with band under feet and handles held in an underhanded position. Raise handles to shoulder length. Two sets of 15 reps.
  • Hold the band under feet, hip-width apart. Hold handles at shoulder and sit back into 90 degree angle. Two sets of 15 reps.
  • Hip raise by lying on back with feet in handles of band and band around the waist. Push feet up and raise hips to the ceiling. Two sets of 15 reps.

Buying Resistance Bands Home Gym

Ready to equip your home gym with the best resistance bands so you can get a full-body workout? Research different types and strengths of bands online and consider ordering a variety so you use them as your fitness levels improve. If you have questions, reach out to a home gym professional for guidance.

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