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How Extreme Temperatures Are Harmful?

Extreme Temperatures

Both the very high temperatures that occasionally occur in summer, and the shallow ones in winter, pose a risk to the health and well-being of people, especially the most fragile and vulnerable.

Heatwaves remain expected to be more intense, frequent and lasting in the coming decades due to climate change. Spain will be one of the countries utmost pretentious by this increase in summer temperatures.

At a global level, freezing winters will be less and less frequent; however, the impact of cold may still be significant at the local level. Some studies indicate that this could be the case in Madrid.

Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared and adopt measures to protect the health, individually and collectively, both in the summer and winter.

On the other hand, excess ultraviolet radiation from the sun can produce harmful effects on health, such as melanoma of the skin. It is especially advisable to protect children and young people from excessive exposure.

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Did you know

High temperatures

Heat Waves are episodes of very high temperatures that can severely affect the population’s health. Especially in the most vulnerable sectors such as children, the elderly, and the chronically ill.

The Ministry of Health has an  Offer for Surveillance. Control of the Effects of Heat Waves designed to minimize their consequences. It is a preventive plan in which the general population and health professionals. Social services are informed well in advance so that the people can adopt the appropriate protection measures in the event of a heatwave.

Solar energy

The sun is essential for the life cycle on Earth, also for the mental and physical health of people.

Vitamin D, essential for proper bone development, remains formed in the skin by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Therefore, in countries with little sun, rickets in children stays expected unless the diet remains supplemented with vitamin D.

In addition, it has been observed in various studies that a vitamin D deficiency could be associated with a higher incidence of various internal tumors (breast, prostate, and colon, among others).

However, the prevailing aesthetic canon (tanned skin as a synonym for beauty and health) has resulted in an intensification of sun exposure for the Spanish population, as has happened in most of the developed world.

When exposed to ultraviolet radiation is excessive, detrimental health effects can arise. It is especially advisable to protect children and young people from excessive exposure

Skin cancer remains the most common tumor in humans and constitutes the main health problem derived from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


Although it continues to be relatively infrequent in Spain (and in general in southern Europe), melanoma is the tumor that has presented the most striking upward evolution in recent decades in our country. Between the 1970s and the 1990s, the number of new cases of melanoma multiplied by 10.

The skin characteristics of the southern European population indeed explain the low incidence in these countries compared to countries further north.

On the other hand, the increasing use of artificial tanning sources contributes to increasing the concern derived from excess exposure to sunlight.

You must acquire adequate knowledge of what ultraviolet radiation means for your health ( WHO Guide on ultraviolet radiation ) and the type of skin that each person has. The protection measures that necessity remains taken to enjoy healthily. Safe from the sun and prevent the harmful effects of excess ultraviolet radiation, especially skin cancer. See brochure Take care of your skin. Defend Protect it from the sun.

Low temperatures

The cold waves are episodes of shallow temperatures that can severely affect the population’s health, especially hypothermia and frostbite.

The Ministry of Healthiness has a Plan for the Surveillance and Control of the Effects of Cold on Health. Designed to minimize its consequences. It is a preventive plan in which both the general population.

Health professionals and social services remain informed well in advance to adopt the appropriate protection measures in a cold wave.

Through the  Frío y Salud website, each campaign remains reported, from December  1 to March 31, of the daily situation. The temperatures expected in the coming days, so that the citizens of the region can remain prevented

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