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How To Decide Whether To Home-School Your Child

Home-School Your Child

Homeschooling your children is legal in Australia. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 must be either at school or homeschooling. After that, they are allowed to leave school as long as their education meets the required standard.

If you’re considering homeschooling then you’re not alone. Studies show over 21,000 children are schooled at home every year. The only way to decide if this is the right option for you and your child is to look at the pros and cons.

It should be noted that your child can still attend a reputable child care center, such as this child care Liverpool and then be homeschooled.

The Advantages of Home Schooling

Set the Pace

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that you have a much greater influence on what your child learns and how. While it is important to cover the national curriculum and ensure your child learns the right knowledge for future life, you can control any extras that remain learned and the pace of learning.

The truth is that all children develop at different paces. Homeschooling allows you to adapt the pace to your child and make sure they understand as they learn.


Children that go to school need to be there every day between set hours, even if they don’t have a lesson every minute of the day. They will get marked down if they are absent. But, if you opt for homeschooling you can create the schedule. That means you can make the most of your available time and create a schedule that works with your lifestyle and other activities you believe are useful to your child’s development.

Teaching Tools

There are an array of teaching tools available online to make the teaching side of things as easy as possible. You can mix and match from different courses, add in field trips, and even teach outside. The variety alone will help to keep your child interested.

Disadvantages Of Home Schooling

Of course, there are issues you need to be aware of:

It’s Difficult

There is no doubt that teaching your own child at home is hard work. You need to be there to share information with your child and make sure they have learned what they need to. On top of this, you need time to prepare lessons and you may struggle with some of the lessons yourself if they are not one of your favorite subjects.

Social Skills Are Learned At School

At school children need to interact with other children. This is a great way of boosting social skills and confidence. A homeschooled child may struggle to make a social circle or flourish in social situations;

Self Doubt

Finally, you will need to remain prepared for the self-doubt you’ll experience periodically. This is simply you questioning whether you have done the right thing for your child.

The bottom line is that the results will show you have. Your child can learn more at home than at school. But, the question you really need to ask yourself is what is best for your child?

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