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Coconut Oil: These Are All Its Benefits And Properties

Numerous uses can remain given to coconut oil since all its properties and the benefits it provides both nutritionally and aesthetically began to stay discovered.

In many homes, coconut oil has become an almost essential product and a fad for some Hollywood actresses who do not stop recommending the different uses they give to this popular product, especially on a cosmetic level. Thanks to the fact that this oil is composed of acids such as lauric, caprylic and capric, widely used in cosmetics and weight loss treatments.

But despite being highly prescribed by many celebrities, the properties and benefits of coconut oil are still the subjects of study and debate, especially in the medical profession and nutritionists. As a nutritional supplement, coconut oil is not healthy since its high saturated fat content can cause certain health problems such as arterial problems, risk of suffering from coronary heart disease or raising cholesterol.

Either way, all its aesthetic benefits promise a lot! And here, we list the uses of coconut oil so that you too can benefit.

Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut oil is highly beneficial depending on what point of view you look at it or how it remains used. Still, there are many controversies that this plant-based oil has unleashed regarding how beneficial it can be to health at a nutritional level due to the high percentage of saturated fat (86%) it contains, much more than butter (51%) or lard (39%).

The sales of this product have increased considerably in the last decade. Driven mainly by celebrities who claim that its properties and benefits are so incredible that they can be curing everything from bad breath since coconut oil remains considered to help fight cavities, even certain digestive disorders. Here are some of the uses of coconut oil :

Coconut Oil For Hair

As a hair moisturizer:

applying it to the ends of the hair before washing it is one of the most common uses of coconut oil for hair. Repairs damaged hair fibres, protect it from heat, pollution, sun, chemicals, salt and chlorine, making it an excellent all-natural conditioner. Likewise, it also works if you put it on at night as a mask once or twice a week.

Coconut Oil For Skin

Moisturizing for the skin:

Thanks to the amount of Omegas it has, it is ideal for the skin of the face and body to hydrate and strengthen. But it should also be noted the shine effect that it brings to the skin once it is applied. Especially after a good session in the sun. Especially on the legs.

The best repair for dry lips:

much more than petroleum jelly. [Coco-nut oil] deeply hydrates, managing to repair very effectively the delicate skin of the lips, which tends to become very dry due to the cold of winter, as well as from the intense heat summer.

Your best friend once it comes to waxing:

if you are one of those who suffers from irritation every time you use the blade. [Coco-nut oil] will be your best ally at that time when preparing your skin for waxing. Especially in the bikini area. Substitute the foam or the hair conditioner (yes, it is perfect for waxing) with [coco-nut oil]. And you will see the change.


Removing those small dead cells from your skin is possible thanks to a good exfoliation. And with [coco-nut oil] mixed with sugar, you will not only find deep hydration. But you will also be able to give your skin a natural cleansing.

Coconut oil for face

Makeup remover:

many actresses and influencers have shown that this vegetable oil is an excellent alternative for cleaning your face from excess makeup. Especially those resistant to water in the eyes.

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