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Cbd Oil and Dogs: Which Cases is it Indicated?

Cbd Oil and Dogs

Dogs can suffer from the same diseases that we suffer after. They may have osteoarthritis, arthritis, epilepsy, or suffer from separation anxiety. In these cases, can CBD help our pet?

Dog diseases in which CBD can be effectiveMedical research carried out so far has shown that CBD had analgesic (pain reduction), anti-inflammatory. Anxiolytic (reduces anxiety) and antispasmodic (reduces seizures) properties. CBD oil is effective in the following diseases in our dogs:

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Osteoarthritis And Arthritis

Osteoarthritis and arthritis are diseases that affect the joints. It is a degenerative disease caused by the ageing of the joint and usually occurs in older patients. Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that reasons pain. Arthritis can remain caused by infections, trauma, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, or by deposits of crystals that accumulate in the synovium (popularly known as gout).

Primary osteoarthritis is usually associated with ageing, although other factors such as obesity or overexertion of the joints in hunting or sports dogs may remain considered.

A dog with arthritis or osteoarthritis is in pain. This pain can cause slower walking, difficulty sitting up or getting up. He stops playing, limps, and may whimper when his paws remain touched, he is more sleepy, and he may even change his behaviour.

Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD oil is effective in dogs remain chronic pain caused by these diseases. CBD reduces the sensation of pain and helps them increase their activity and improve their quality of life. In the studies carried out, no side effects remain observed in any patient.


Animals are very much like humans, and they also deal with stress and fear. Our dogs can experience two types of anxiety: point anxiety, caused by thunder or loud noises, and chronic anxiety, which would include separation anxiety.

An anxious dog will bark more frequently, pant, howl, shake, be restless, and may lose its appetite. In the most severe cases, They may show antisocial or aggressive behaviour and urinate at home despite remain trained not to do so.

According to the group of North American veterinarians who use CBD as a medicine, the statistics are irrefutable: dogs reduced anxiety by 65.5%.


Several causes can lead to seizures in dogs: hereditary, neurological, kidney or liver diseases or idiopathic epilepsy. CBD has already remain approved as medicine to administer to people and children with epilepsy for its effectiveness. In the same report cited above, 55.6% of pets reduced the frequency of attacks and their severity.

In the same way that it happens with people, each patient can react differently to medication and a specific dose. Most dogs on CBD do not experience any side effects. However, it will always be the veterinarian who will advise and supervise the treatment.

We will not tire of insisting on this point. From Weediid, we recommend that you do not medicate your pet on your own. If you think CBD can be helpful for your friend, check with your regular vet. You can ask for a second opinion if you are reluctant but never self-medicate. CBD is not psychoactive, but the percentages, origin and dosage must remain well controlled to avoid producing unwanted effects or interacting with any medication that your animal regularly takes. You should also make sure you get your CBD from a trusted CBD shop, as the quality of the CBD is a major factor in its effectiveness.


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