There are many benefits to integrating cold compression therapy into one’s recovery toolkit. Whether you’re suffering from sore muscles or chronic medical issues like edema, freezing temperatures and compression, yield quicker healing and recovery turnaround. The cold water and compression combination can even quicken the healing of injury soreness after surgery.

Cold compression therapies are beneficial for healing because they encourage lymphatic drainage, allowing for improved blood circulation that alleviates added pressure on the injury site. With edema, for instance, compression is used to push the inflammation response that creates swelling toward the core, allowing for lymphatic disposal. With enhanced blood flow, more oxygen is sent to the injury site, allowing for faster healing.

Cold temperatures add to intermittent compression by alternating between cold and warm. The combination allows the injury site to fall numb, alleviating the pain from the injured area, while the compression takes care of the rest. Now that you’re familiar with how cold and compression can be combined, here are six healing benefits of the Donjoy ice machine.

1. Donjoy Ice Machine Improves Blood Flow

When the body experiences an injury, inflammation occurs as a protective response. The inflammation hurts because it sends a rush of blood to the injured area, creating added pressure and subsequent swelling. With cold compression, inflammation and pain are reduced.

2. You Control The Temperature You Want

Having control over your recovery is essential. The advantage of using the Donjoy ice machine is that you can control the intensity and frequency of the delivered cold therapy and compression. Tolerance is required to handle cold temperatures. The ability to control the temperature allows the body to heal at the person’s pace so it does not become overwhelming.

3. Consistent, Steady Temperatures

Machines like the Donjoy ice machine also contain technology that advances the machine’s functionality. For instance, Donjoy includes a built-in system that ensures temperatures stay correct and consistent throughout each use.

4. Incremental Application Is Best For Healing

Controlled, incremental usage is best for healing. If you are recovering from a significant surgery, the Donjoy ice machine allows for incremental application by the user. Your ability to control the frequency of application of the Donjoy ice machine is also essential. You will want to utilize the machine in timed increments and gradually decrease it once your healing improves.

5. Your Healing Is Much Faster

You get both compression and cold therapy at the same time. Since both cold temperatures and compression combined speed up healing, your injury heals faster than if you were only to use a compress or cold water.

6. Your Injury Site Hurts Less As It Heals

The cold water added to the compression numbs the injury site, reducing the pain experienced as the body responds to the injury.

Take Control Of Your Injury Recovery

Take control of your injury recovery by investing in a Donjoy ice machine. The combination of cold temperatures and compression will set your injury recovery up for quick healing with regular usage.