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Tricks to Not Spend a Lot of Money on Makeup Products money

Money on Makeup Products

Makeup lovers will know adequately what it is like to spend more than half a salary on different lipsticks, brushes that they will never use, eye shadows that are too strident. Powders that do not cover anything. In short, it is to waste money searching for makeup perfect and not find it. The problem may be because we don’t have a good organization of our makeup products and, in the end, we tend to spend a lot of money on products that we may only use once, at most. Through this link you can have the best ideas to grow your business.

Money on Makeup Products Money

Money on Makeup Products, Today we bring you some tips and advice so you know how you can save on your next makeup purchase. Information that will come in handy so you don’t spend a lot of money and have everything you need to do your makeup like a professional. If you also want to learn not to spend a lot of money on makeup products, keep reading the article and take note.

8 Tips to Save on makeup

When we talk about how you can save on makeup products, we are not referring to going to the first bazaar on the corner and getting all the makeup arsenal sold there. We are referring to tricks that will allow you to reuse products and not ruin you on the next purchase you make.

There are many mid-range cosmetic brands whose value for money is unbeatable. That is, you do not have to buy products from luxury firms to have a good finish.

Now is the time to take a pen and paper, or memorize it well in your head, because here are our tips:

1. Test, Test And Test

And maybe buy. That’s right, don’t rush it. It is true that when we enter a makeup store, we want to get everything but peace of mind. The lipsticks will not move, so you have time to try them on your hand or forearm as many times as you need. So never get carried away by the momentum or by the colour of the container. The vast majority of times, it is not the same. It is preferable to waste a little time in the store and take a product you will use.

2. Organize And Have Everything Insight

Fortunately, now they sell some cosmetic sorters cheaply, it’s time I got you one of them. It is better to invest a little money in a sorter and have all your cosmetics insight than to buy two identical eyeshadows because you don’t know just what you had. Before going to buy makeup, try to take a look at everything you have.

3. Invest In Tools

Here if you have to spend money, nothing to reuse. We mean brushes, sponges and any other “tool” that helps you apply makeup—nothing to buy them online. The bushes prefer that you buy them in a specialized store and advise you. Don’t go crazy either. That is, if you never wear blush, don’t buy a specific brush for that.

4. If It’s Broken, Fix It

How many times will our makeup palette have remained broken? Sure enough, more than we remember. Indeed at that time, we thought about throwing everything away and going to buy others, but by mistake: nothing to throw away and a lot to fix. Fortunately, now on the Internet, we can find many tutorials to select broken cosmetics. If we choose cosmetics, we will also be saving a lot of money. Try to put a piece of cotton in the palette or eyeshadow not to break easily.

5. Reuse Products

Reusing products is not unusual, and our mothers used to do it. That is, a 2×1 in products, you can use your lipstick as a cream blush if you know how to blend it well. You can also use mascara, if the brush is thin, as an eyeliner. Use your imagination, and you will see how you end up saving.

6. Hot Water To Have More Product

Money on Makeup ProductsWater will be the solution to all our problems. If the mascara has run dry, or the base, or the gloss, you can make it have a little more product if you put the bottles in hot water. The heat will make them more liquid, and thus it will be easier to remove every last drop that is left.

7. Combine The Products

If you bought a lipstick that you finally did not like, combine it with other colours. If you have a palette that you can mix in, join several colours until you reach the hue you want. It is straightforward to do, and then you can spread it with the help of your finger.

8. Base As A Self-Tanner

It is the real trick. If you bought a very dark foundation, mix it with body moisturizer and use it as a self-tanner. It is as simple as mixing a little bit of dark base with your usual body cream and then spreading it on your arms and legs until you get the desired tone.

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