Cellulite Appearance

Cellulite develops regardless of age, weight, and fitness level. The dimpled flesh may not look desirable to those with it, but the condition is not a sign of developing health issues. Fat deposits under the skin cause the problem, and it usually only moderately improves with diet and exercise. The appearance of cellulite can make people feel helpless because it can develop suddenly despite no changes in activity levels or weight.

Who Cellulite Affects 

Many people feel troubled enough by the appearance of cellulite to look for ways to treat the condition, like using a cellulite cream. The skin concern can make people uncomfortable with their appearance, but they should not feel alone. Around 90 percent of women develop cellulite after puberty, but only 10 percent of men experience the problem. Cellulite may affect someone throughout their life but they only realize it once the skin loses its elasticity as they age. Pregnancy or weight gain can also make it more apparent. People often only look for solutions when the problem worsens and becomes impossible to ignore. 

How Creams Help 

Cellulite creams, depending on the formula, work differently. Some creams reduce fluid in the treated area to smooth out the skin. Other products temporarily shrink blood vessels and fat cells for less noticeable cellulite dimpling throughout the day. The products that boost circulation, firm the skin, and break down fat deposits provide a more complete and longer-lasting result. The improvements often continue with continued use of the product.

How to Apply

There is no cure for cellulite. People with the condition can make it less noticeable or so minimal in appearance that it is nearly undetectable. The best method for treating cellulite begins with a body brush. Dry brushing or brushing the skin in the shower will boost circulation and exfoliate the area to diminish visible dimples and bumps. After brushing and showering, apply cellulite cream to all skin affected. Massage the product into the cellulite gently in small circles. Perform the steps daily, and continue the applications even after the cellulite becomes unnoticeable.  

What Else Helps

Using other methods to reduce cellulite can speed up the effectiveness of a cream regimen. Multiple methods used together can help people get the most benefit possible. Consider eating a healthier diet with adequate fiber, increasing water intake, staying active, and using a sunless tanner because the bumps are easier to hide on darker skin. If cellulite worsens with age, use a collagen cream or supplement. Collagen keeps skin firmer and gives it more elasticity for less noticeable cellulite.

When to Start 

Treatments can begin when people first notice cellulite forming. Natural methods, like topical creams and massage, are safe solutions for everyone, including teenagers. Reduce the chance of severe cellulite by staying a healthy weight, avoiding cigarettes, and staying active.

Genetics plays a role in cellulite development too. Anyone with family members with a skin condition should consider using cellulite creams and collagen products in the most frequent problem areas before any noticeable dimpling begins. These areas include the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. A proactive approach may not stop all cellulite development but could keep it from becoming noticeable.

Cellulite affects too many people for anyone to allow themselves to feel responsible for having it. People with cellulite will never cure the problem, but they can make it less visible without hiding behind clothing. A few lifestyle changes and daily use of an effective cellulite cream can make baring skin with confidence possible again.