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Gold Bonds Write for UsGold Bonds Write for Us: Gold bonds are bonds or securities supplied by the Reserve Set of India on behalf of the Indian government as an other to holding physical gold. These bonds are available in grams of gold. Below are some of the features of sovereign gold bonds.


  • The bonds have a maturity period of eight years. However, investors can go for early redemption after five years. You can trade these bonds on the secondary market as well.
  • One of the many SGB benefits is that it yields an interest of 2.5% annually.
  • The minimum investment quantity permitted is one gram of gold. For example, the issue price of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2022-23 (Series I) for one gram of gold was ₹5,091, which is your minimum investment amount.
  • You can buy these bonds offline from nationalized banks, designated post offices, scheduled foreign banks, scheduled private banks, and Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL) offices.
  • To buy them, you can visit the website of the listed scheduled commercial banks. A discount of Rs. 50 per gram is given on the nominal value to encourage investment in online transactions.
  • You can make the payment for sovereign gold bonds either in cash

What is a Free Gold Bond?

The Government of India presented the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) System in November 2015 to offer an alternative investment to physical gold. Over the years, the market has seen a considerable decline in requests for physical gold. SGBs not only track the asset’s export-import value but also ensure transparency at the same time.

SGBs are government refugees and are careful and safe. Their price is denominated in multiples of grams of gold. SGBs have seen a significant increase in investors, with it being careful with physical gold. If you are watching to buy an SGB, all you have to do is use the method of a SEBI-authorised agent or broker. Once you redeem the bond, the corpus (per the current market value) will deposit into your registered bank account.

How to Buy a Sovereign Gold Bond Online?

Gold Bonds Write for UsA person can put on for a Sovereign Gold Bond done their banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL), chosen post offices, and known stock exchanges, such as the Bombay Stock Talk and National Stock Argument of India Incomplete, either proper or through managers.


SGBs can also be credited online through the salable banks’ websites authorized to sell them. The process of buying SGBs through a bank’s online website is as follows:

  • Login to the bank’s Internet banking account.
  • Click on the ‘e-service’ option and choose the ‘Sovereign Gold Bond’ option.
  • Read the terms and situations and click the ‘Proceed’ option.
  • Fill out the recording form and click the ‘Submit’ key.
  • In the purchase form, enter the candidate details and subscription quantity.
  • After proving all the facts, tick the ‘Submit’ option.

How to Check Sovereign Gold Bond Status?

When you have a Sovereign Gold Bond online with a Demat explanation, it will reproduce in the portfolio after the SGB issue. In case of offline purchase, a person can gather the SGB certificate of land from the issuing bank, post offices, SHCIL offices, chosen stock exchanges, or agents. The RBI will mail the holding certificate’s digital copy to the application form’s email address.

Sovereign Gold Bond Record Download

The clients will be issued the holding certificate on the SGB issue date. If a person has opted to receive the physician certification form, it will mails to the registered email ID; otherwise, it will reflect in the Demat account on the SGB issuance date. Customers can also collect the certificate of holding from the bank branch.

Advantages Of Buying SGBs

Gold Bonds Write for UsThe SGBs are a great alternative to purchasing physical gold. The following are some benefits that investors should know about before buying.

  • Investors can earn an assured 2.50% interest rate on the issued price per annum.
  • There is no applicable tax deducted at source on SGBs.
  • The SGB’s price link to the gold price of 999 purity.
  • The bonds are used as collateral for applying for a loan.
  • The bond’s tenure is eight years but has the flexibility of redemption after five years with a sovereign guarantee on the redeemed amount and interest.

Risks Involved In Buying SGBs

There is a loss risk if the gold market price falls below its cost price. This is not an exact risk with the SGB form of a gold asset but applies to the general form of support.

However, the RBI assures that the investor will never lose the amount of gold allotted to them.

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Benefits of Sovereign Gold Bonds

Following are some of the advantages of sovereign gold bonds:

1. Low risk

There are certain risks in every investment instrument in the financial market. However, since the government of India backs these bonds, the chances of defaults on repayment are almost negligible. The only risk that an SGB is subject to is market fluctuations which can cause volatility in gold prices and thus affect the returns you get from SGBs

2. Convenience

The primary purpose of SGB is to make the ownership of gold convenient. Physical gold will surely captivate you with its charm, but it has many additional servicing charges. There is always a threat of theft associated with it. SGB, on the other hand, is entirely digital, making it convenient for you to hold gold without worrying about its security and maintenance charges.

3. Capital appreciation

The capital appreciation generated at redemption is entirely tax-free. Moreover, since gold is always in demand because of its widespread usage, the chances of erratic movements in the intrinsic value of gold are negligible. This allows the investment corpus to grow, irrespective of market variations and global economic scenarios.

4. Hedge against inflation

A currency loses its purchasing value whenever inflation is high in a particular country, significantly affecting the returns on investment. The price of gold tends to rise when inflation is high. Hence, investment in gold schemes is considered a hedge against inflation, and sovereigns are no exception.

5. Indexation benefit

Indexation is one of the many benefits of sovereignty. One of the expected effects of high inflation is- it causes the price of investment to rise, but the returns stay the same. Gold bonds are more considerate in this regard. Long-term capital gains from sovereign gold bonds are subject to indexation benefits. Indexation benefit helps you reevaluate and adjust your investment’s purchase value by considering the effects of inflation. It allows you to calculate the new value of your invested amount and the actual capital gain.

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