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Seeking the Legal Protection You Need When Facing Criminal Charges in Jersey City

Criminal Charges: If you are facing criminal charges, a reliable Jersey City criminal lawyer can advocate for your interests. Prosecutors and law enforcement will work to convict you while jury members and judges tend to be impartial when finding facts. Only your defense lawyer has your best interests in mind. They will seize all opportunities to fight the allegations against you. They may seek to have your criminal charges dismissed, get a favorable plea, or present your case at trial. 

What a Defense Attorney Can Do for You

The criminal justice system in New Jersey is complex. A defendant in a criminal case can go through several hearings including hearings related to pretrial detention or release, a first appearance to be informed about charges, pre-arraignment conferences, and hearings regarding eligibility for diversionary programs. 

A defense lawyer will make sure you understand what occurs at every step in the legal process. Often, they will speak on your behalf, stating your intentions properly and protecting your rights. They will investigate the case of the prosecution against you and collect evidence in your favor. Then, they will establish a defense strategy and resolve your criminal case with the best outcome for you. 

Why You Should Not Appear in Court Without an Attorney

In criminal court, you can represent yourself; however, it’s not ideal. Regardless of your innocence and the strength of your case, an untrained defendant may not understand the rules of evidence and the state’s complex laws. Plus, you will be up against established prosecutors who are experienced and trained in winning cases. Losing this kind of case can put you in jail.

An experienced defense attorney knows what the prosecution must prove to convict you. They will assess the charges against you and find weaknesses in the case of the prosecutor. Also, they know about New Jersey programs you can take advantage of to avoid trial. 

Allow Your Lawyer to Represent You at Trial

A prosecutor who has a weak case may allow you to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge. They may offer to suspend the sentence. In some instances, a plea bargain is the ideal outcome available; however, it still means having a conviction on your criminal record. 

If it is your first time facing charges of a violent offense, New Jersey courts offer many diversionary programs you may qualify for. Your lawyer can be your advocate to be directed to a diversionary program. Completing this program can result in a clean record. 

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