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Rob Lynch is Taking Papa Johns to the Next Level

When Rob Lynch was recruited to Arby’s in 2013, he joined the founder of Arby’s as a top-ranking executive. His value to the company was further confirmed when he launched the iconic “We Have the Meats” marketing campaign in 2014. Only five years later, though, Lynch would depart the restaurant for a position at Papa Johns. His appointment as CEO came at a moment of crisis for the pizza company, following founder John Schnatter’s resignation and plummeting stock values. Despite the odds, he tapped into the brand’s potential and put it back on the track to success. Rob Lynch continues to improve the Papa Johns brand with a new logo, new menu items, and a new philosophy.

Check Out the New Papa Johns Logo

With all of the changes enacted by Lynch, it was only a matter of time until the company’s logo got a makeover, too. At the end of 2021, the new logo was unveiled, featuring a bold red typeface and a pared-down design. The banner featuring the word “pizza” above the company name was notably absent, as was the apostrophe in “John’s.” These subtle yet significant alterations pointed to the shifts happening within the Papa Johns brand. The previous logo’s refined aesthetic was replaced by a look that appeared fun and straightforward.

The new logo represents a more flexible style, which is apparently inspired by the fresh, stretchy dough used to make the restaurant’s pizza crusts. At the core of the crust — and the new logo — lies a minimalist approach. In both cases, less is more. Critics also noticed that the logo favors a flat, one-dimensional design, creating an air of simplicity. In many ways, it matches the philosophy of the new Papa Johns CEO, favoring a clear design that’s uncomplicated and accessible.

What Other Changes Are Coming With Papa Johns?

The logo isn’t the only thing that’s changing at Papa Johns. There are many other transitions emerging within the company that promise to provide customers with an array of new, delicious menu items. The Rob Lynch Papa Johns menu has indeed been one of the most popular changes to occur since the new CEO took over. Along with the introduction of the flatbread Papadias and the famous Shaq-A-Roni, customers have fallen for the brand’s selection of new pizza flavors and styles, including incredible innovations like a flavorful crust that’s stuffed with pepperoni.

Perhaps the most important change to arrive since Lynch’s takeover, though, is the shift in the brand’s franchise strategy. As the company plans to open hundreds of new stores, leadership has also implemented new resources for franchisees, including better training programs and stronger recruitment tools. Many franchises previously reported that they struggled to thrive with the limited support they received from corporate leadership. This has drastically changed, and stores are now given access to a dedicated support system to solve problems and provide great service. This improves franchises’ ability to serve customers, which in turn, improves the customer’s experience at Papa Johns.

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