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Parava Full Movie – How to Download On Torrent

Parava Full Movie 

Parava Full Movie 

Parva remains a 2017 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed through Sobin Shahir, with the screenplay jointly written through Shahir and Munir Ali. Shahir’s directorial debut features extended guest appearances by Dulquer Salmaan and Amal Shah, Govind V. Pai, and Shane Nigam. Principal photography began on 1 June 2016 at Fort Kochi. The film remained released on 21 September 2017.

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Details Of Parava Full Movie (2017)

Details Of Parava Full Movie (2017)

Director: Soubin Shahir

Producer: Anwar Rasheed, Shyju Unni

Writer: Soubin Shahir, Muneer Ali

Star cast:

  • Amal Shah
  • Govind V. Pai
  • Shane Nigam
  • Dulquer Salmaan

Music : Songs: Rex Vijayan


  • Yakzan-Neha
  • Sekhar Menon
  • Rex Vijayan

Cinematography:   Littil Swayamp

Editor:  Praveen Prabhakar



  • Anwar Rasheed Entertainments
  • The Movie Club

Distributed: Anwar Rasheed Entertainments

Release date: 21 September 2017

Running time: 147 minute

Country: India

Language: Malayalam

Exactly How To Download And Watch Parava Full Movie (2017)

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More About Parava Full Movie (2017)

More About Parava Full Movie (2017)

The story takes place in Mattancherry and revolves around the lives of two teenage boys named Haseeb and Irshad aka “Ichappi”. These two are best friends and share a common interest in pigeon farming. Ichappi lives with her parents, her sister, and her brother Shane. Shane is apathetic and doesn’t talk to anyone. Boys’ love for birds is unconditional.

They have local competitors steal their prized champion female pigeon. Although it is said that Ichappi and Haseeb are not aware of this. When the school reopens, Ichappi is sad because he could not pass the 9th standard. However, her new class teacher consoles her and offers to help her. Ichappi meets and falls in love with Surumi, a new student in Haseeb’s class. He saw that most of the boys were after him. While playing cricket, the boys encounter two drug addicts who have had an impact on their past. Recalls a happy story.

A few pages back, there used to be a local club named Six Four Mattancherry under Imran’s leadership. It was a local cricket club, which participated in local matches. Ichappi’s brother Shane remained the star player of the club. Apart from being cricket companions, all the members of the club remained best friends. The members of the club valued and loved Imran very much. Shane sees a girl caretaker when Imran arranges lunch for the orphans. He immediately falls for her. Imran, knowing everything about Shane and the girl, goes to Shane’s house and convinces Shane’s parents of Shane’s marriage. Shane’s father asks Imran if he is in no rush to get married, so let’s fix it for now.

Once, Habiba, the sister of a club member Hakim, who works in a medical store, is verbally attacked by her boss. The club members vow to take revenge in Imran’s absence and curse the boss but accidentally fight with some drug addicts and their gang. Addicts also get caught in the commotion.


Similarly, They vow to take revenge against the members of the club. Imran comes to know about this and gets angry at him for his antics. However, while meeting them on the beach at night, Imran and the members of his club encounter drug addicts. Imran tries for a peace treaty, but the result is in vain. They quarrel when Imran urges the club members to leave the venue, to which the members respond positively.

However, Imran could not stop the goons and remained killed. Although,  Club members and his parents mourned the loss of Imran. Likewise, Shane, who firmly believed that he was responsible for Imran’s demise, becomes violently emotional. Shane’s father is also saddened by the loss and orders all the other club members never to meet Shane, as he has left Imran alone. According to him, this is not something that the friends did. After this, Shane and his father live in the same house but never talk. Shane distanced himself from everyone.


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