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What About You Hindi Meaning

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The English language is used globally, and it is also called the world language. Its proficiency is vital to success in the current globalizing world as this language is used almost worldwide. In India, the British brought the English language, and it is now accepted all over India. English is not a simple language as one word can have multiple meanings. In this post, we will try to explain what about you Hindi means.

What about you (What does Hindi Mean)

[What about you?]

[What about you?]

[what about you?]

[what about you?]

[What do you say?]

How are you doing?

There can be so many meanings because what about you is not used alone. It is used in conversation.
Its meaning depends on that conversational sentence.

Example Mark

Ram met Mohan and told him, “[I got 90% in the exam],” and asked what “about you” means. I got 90% in the exam, and how many of yours.

[I called my friend and said] “I am going to town” and asked what “about you” means. [I am going to town] and what are your plans.

When we meet someone after a long time, How are you – meaning how are you? After that, the person in front says that I am fine. What about you, it means I am fine, how are you doing.

What about you (What does Hindi Mean )

Although, It is an idiom. An idiom is a set of words, which is established by its use. But, Separate words cannot achieve their meaning.
The use of this idiom can be defined in the following parts

To include (someone) about something.

To impress/do something about (someone or something).

To suggest what can we do.

When ask someone, someone is asked to say something in response.

To remain used to remind someone about a (special) person or thing.

How about you and what about you the difference (Difference between how about you and what about you)

These sentences seem similar in appearance, but there can be a lot of differences between them. Let us understand this with an example.

The meaning of the first sentence

But, I am scheduled to go to Shimla this weekend. You will go along.

There is a willingness to take it along.

The meaning of the second sentence

I am scheduled to go to Shimla this weekend. What are your plans?

There is no showing any desire to take it along. Only the other’s plan is mother.

Summary what about you

Similarly, We hope that in this post, you have understood the Hindi meaning of what about you.

Let us now try to know its essence.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment.

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